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Jamel Herring signs for Frampton’s stable MTK Global

In a bizarre turn of events, Jamal Herring has turned his attention to signing for MTK Global which draws him closer to a potential fight with fellow MTK Star Carl Frampton.

Herring is ranked as the third best ranking lightweight boxer by The Ring. This is such an unusual move for Herring as his last fight was rather unimpressive and rusty looking.

Herring has only two losses from 24 fights after 22 KO’s which is enough to see any established fighter challenge for a title.

A possible reason for this move could be for Herring’s chances at fighting Carl Frampton as he is now in the same stable as one of the stables biggest names. They are now currently promotional and managerial stablemates.

This is a huge showdown that could break promotional records if a deal is agreed in the future. Only time will tell, but there is huge potential in this deal.

The pair of Frampton and Herring have been drawn together since the start of the year especially after Herring’s mediocre performance against Jonathon Oquendo.

Frampton and Herring have been long linked with fighting each other since the beginning of the year, so a dream fight could potentially now be closer than ever.