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Katelynn Phelan “Staying Positive” week on from what should have been her biggest fight

This weekend should have been a joyous occasion one week on from Katelynn Phelan’s biggest fight of her career, but it wasn’t to be after her fight against Jessica Schadko was postponed.

The young Kildare light welterweight was scheduled to step up and fight in Germany on less than a month’s notice for the WBF and WIBA belts in an eight round clash against the German-Ukranian hot prospect at welterweight.

With three fights and three wins under her belt, her confidence was extremely high which explains why she took this fight on short notice against a very strong opponent. With the cancellation of the fight, her next move is uncertain and Irish-Boxing spoke to Phelan to get her view on the situation.

“I’m disappointed that the show was postponed but it was always a possibility given how things are at the moment. Every fighter has fights postponed or problems with opponents so I knew that there was a possibility that this could happen.”

“It hasn’t been the first time in my career it has happened and it won’t be the last but I am staying positive. I have stayed in the gym so the delay just means that I have even more time to be ready.”

Phelan still remains very positive and to have such a big fight offered to her this early in her career gives her confidence in her future:

“It is just postponed rather than cancelled. There is always a positive to every obstacle we will face, it just means I will be even fitter, faster, and stronger for when it comes back around.”

“Being offered the fight definitely showed me that opportunities can come at any moment and that I need to stay ready. Me and my team believe that I am at world level already but just need the opportunity to get a little more experience over the longer rounds.”

She also told Irish-Boxing how she expects the fight to pan out when it does eventually happen and when that could possibly be, stating that “when I win this fight it will put me higher in world rankings and that’s when the bigger opportunities will arise, all it takes is one fight to be noticed.”

“We are not too sure when it will be rescheduled for, the sooner the better,
I’m very excited for when it is rescheduled, I am ready for whenever it is.”

Irish-Boxing believes that she is willing to take an interim fight while she awaits confirmation of a rescheduled date for this fight.