Jake Paul’s New Venture: Mentoring USA Boxing Amateurs for the 2024 Olympics

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In an unprecedented move, Jake Paul, online influencer turned professional boxer, has teamed up with USA Boxing to boost the profile of amateur boxing and groom its future champions for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

This partnership is historic since it is the first time an influencer or professional athlete has worked with Team USA in this way during the Olympics. As Paul steps into this novel role, his mission is clear — to provide a platform for young fighters and rekindle the global interest in boxing.

This article explores this partnership’s impact and its transformative potential for the sport.

Jake Paul’s Contributions to Boxing Through His Nonprofit and Business Ventures

Jake Paul’s active role in fostering boxing transcends the bounds of the ring. He demonstrates his passion for boxing through his nonprofit organization, Boxing Bullies, founded in 2021. The organization is dedicated to educating youth about the sport and the effects of bullying. It has significantly impacted the industry, hosting numerous events and undertaking impressive projects such as renovating Puerto Rico, New York, Florida, and Arizona gyms.

In April 2023, Boxing Bullies formed a strategic partnership with the World Boxing Organization (WBO) to upgrade youth boxing facilities further across the United States. This partnership has been instrumental in reaching out to more young boxers and providing them with better facilities for training and development.

Parallel to these philanthropic efforts, Paul also makes significant strides in promoting boxing through his promotional company, MVP. Targeted at recognizing and nurturing young prospects and women in the sport, MVP launched the ‘Most Valuable Prospects’ series in 2023. This initiative has been pivotal in identifying and spotlighting emerging boxing talents.

Now, as part of his collaboration with USA Boxing, Paul aims to employ his experience and brand-building prowess to mentor elite amateur fighters. Notable among them are Joshua Edwards and Morelle McCane, who were present at Paul’s recent professional fight against Andre August. This mentorship is expected to prepare these promising fighters for the big stage – The 2024 Olympics.

Gearing Up for Paris 2024: Paul’s Mentorship and Team USA’s Training Regime

As we inch closer to the Paris 2024 Games, Paul has stepped up to mentor Team USA boxers, contributing his knowledge and professional experience. The team has embarked on an intense training regimen at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training facility under the guidance of acclaimed coach Billy Walsh. Paul’s involvement imparts an additional layer of expertise to this preparation, providing a unique perspective from someone who has transitioned from the online arena to the boxing ring.

Moreover, Paul’s mentorship extends beyond the physical aspects of boxing. He equips these amateur fighters with the tools to handle fame and the pressures of a global platform, keenly understanding the intersection of sports, celebrity, and media.

In an interesting twist, Paul’s involvement in boxing has also sparked speculation about the potential intersection of the sport with online sports betting. As the popularity and recognition of these amateur boxers grow under his mentorship, it could lead to a surge in sports betting online, particularly during the 2024 Olympics.


Jake Paul’s partnership with USA Boxing is a groundbreaking collaboration poised to transform the sport. By leveraging his unique experience as an influencer, professional boxer, and entrepreneur, Paul provides invaluable mentorship to young fighters, preparing them for the global stage of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

This alliance also promises to reinvigorate public interest in boxing, aided by innovative elements like online sports betting. As we anticipate the games, it’s clear that this collaboration is not just about winning medals; it’s about reshaping the future of boxing and providing a platform for the next generation of champions.


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