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‘It’s Done – Full Stop’ – IOC President deals Boxing a worrying Olympic blow

Boxing’s fight to stay in the Olympics has just got tougher.

As it stands, Paris 2024 is set to be the last Olympic Games to feature the sweet science. The sport has been left off the programme for the Los Angeles Games in 2028, after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) demanded the IBA meet its expectations of reform.

With requested reforms not met IOC President Thomas Bach said the sport won’t be reinstated while it’s been governed by the IBA.

There have been moves to create a new governing body with a breakaway group setting World Boxing. However, Bach points out there isn’t “sufficient global representation” within the new organisation for it to become officially Olympic aligned.

So as things stand it appears there is Olympic boxing hope but not if the sport remains governed by the IBA.

Bach insisted the IOC is not open to any further discussion regarding the IBA’s involvement in Olympic boxing events.

“With the IBA there’s no ongoing process, for us the case is closed,” he said prior to the IOC Session in Mumbai here, as reported by the Indian Express.

“There will be no boxing with IBA in the Olympic programme.

“It’s done. Full stop.

“We gave them four years, they have not met conditions set by us.

“The way they’re expressing themselves now and they’re behaving gives no hope that there will be an improvement.”

The IBA became the first governing body ever to be expelled from the Olympic Movement, following years of protracted concerns with its finances, governance, and the credibility of boxing competitions which came to the fore with huge judging scandals at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

IBA did commission Richard McLaren to investigate corruption, but concerns reemerged when the Netherlands’ Boris van der Vorst, was denied the opportunity to run against Russia’s Umar Kremlev in an election for the role of IBA president.

Ireland, Great Britain, the USA among others, boycotted this year’s men’s and women’s World championships and there have been moves to create a new governing body.

As things stand boxing will be part of Paris 2024 and run by the IOC, but the sports Olympic future remains unclear.

Boxing is Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport with  more than half (18) of the country’s 35 medals won in the ring.


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