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It would be Ruddy not to – Gerard Hughes open to fighting ready made rival

Gerard Hughes [2-0] is happy to do some more learning before making what he believes would be the smart move and taking a ready-made title fight.

Hughes is fresh to the pro scene but has already been linked to a BUI Celtic title fight and Ruadhan Farrell [3(2)-1(0)].

The Dee Walsh-trained fighter is open to fighting the recent title challenger but notes he has to get title-eligible first.

As a result, he is content to bank experience as he progresses toward a point from where he is officially in contention.

“I’m open to that fight,” he tells Irish-boxing.com “But that fight needs to make sense I’d like that for a title and we’ve a few things to do before we’re both eligible. But we’d be stupid not to take it for a Celtic title.

It may seem a little unfair for Hughes to be asked about title fights and domestic dust-ups as early as fight number 2 – but such is the climate in Irish boxing at present.

He is also extremely fortunate to have a ready made rival at a lower weight, something his stablemate, Colm Murphy benefited greatly from, and something another Glean based boxer, Conor Quinn would rejoice in.

Yet he takes the questions in his stride and doesn’t shy away from the link but is sensibly none comital when it comes to time frame.

“It’s flattering i’m only 2-0 and already being talked about for titles, so we must be doing something right. But I’ll keep gaining my experience and once we’re eligible it will be an easily made fight as we both want it.”

The Belfast super bantamweight was speaking after he doubled his number of career wins with victory on the climb card in Belfast at the start of this month.

The fight was Hughes’s first in his home town and he claims fighting at home brings a whole different degree of excitement.

“It was great, the whole experience was something different to fighting away,” he comments. “I now know the buzz that boxers talk about getting from fighting at home. I hope to be out again soon in Belfast. It defo lights a fire in you to go out and perform,” he adds before reflecting on his performance.

“I thought it was good. I didn’t think too much I just let it all go. I wanted to show something different and show I can do it all, and I think I did that.

“There’s always learning you can take away and I’ve defo taken good pointers away from the fight, taking my time a bit more and not smothering my work. But it’s all experience and learning.”

The win over Sean Jackson was also the first victory cornered by his coach Walsh – and he claims he benefited from his trainer’s presence.

“Dee was very happy,” he continues.

“I showed everything we’ve been working on. Showing I can be intellectually aggressive. When I went to Manchester in October it was a different performance without Dee, but Dee’s corner work on Saturday was top class and he give me the pointers I needed.”

Speaking on what he wants next the Kevin Maree managed fighter said: “I would like a 6 rounder, but there’s still no rush. I felt fresh, I could have done another 4, I put that down to Dee and my S&C coach Kurtis at Athlete Focused. I brought him in recently and he’s made a massive difference to my conditioning and strength.”

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