Irish super feathers have their say on Declan Geraghty v James Tennyson

One of the most eagerly anticipated Irish title fights of recent times will take place tomorrow evening in Belfast.

The Waterfront Hall will host a battle for the green belt between super featherweights James Tennyson (BUI Rank #1) and Declan Geraghty (BUI Rank #4).

A classic Belfast v Dublin battle, the fight has captured the imagination and divided opinion, with most feeling it is too close to call. asked fighters from in and around the 130lbs division for their thoughts, and we received a range of predictions.

Anto Cacace
BUI Rank #2
I’m gonna have to go with a Tennyson win here, possibly a stoppage win.

Jono Carroll
BUI Rank #3
I think Deco wins, but it’s not as easy as he thinks it might be. To be honest, Tenny ain’t going to show him anything he hasn’t seen in the amateurs. I think Deco wins all the early rounds and loses 2, maybe 3, of the late rounds. It’s a good fight, I just think Deco edges the win with the early rounds.

John Joe Nevin
BUI Rank #6
I think it’s an easy points win for Deco. Tennyson is a good wee fighter, but not up with the elites. Deco is in good hands with Philip [Sutcliffe Sr] as a trainer, so I can’t see it going any other way than Deco on points.

Eric Donovan
BUI Rank #8
I’ve fought both of them in the amateurs and it’s a very tough fight to call. A great fight for the Irish title. I’m leaning towards Declan because he’s the better boxer technically. What I would like to see from Declan though is that bit of pro style aggression. We know Tennyson has it, and I’d like to see Declan show off that side of his game, we’ve seen his boxing. It could go any way, but, if I was to be pushed I’d say Geraghty, on points.

Michael Devine
BUI Rank #4 (at Lightweight)
It’s a really good 50-50 fight, but I’m leaning towards Geraghty on points though.

Feargal McCrory
BUI Rank #7 (at Lightweight)
I haven’t watched much of either lad. I believe that Anthony Cacace and Jono Carroll are the two best super featherweights in Ireland. If I was pushed to pick between James and Declan… I’ll go a draw!

Allan Phelan
BUI Rank #3 (at Featherweight)
I don’t know much about the two lads, I haven’t seen them fight in long time. But I know one thing, it will be good fight and the boys can box well. Looking forward to watching it, a great fight for TV.

Mathew Fitzsimons
I’d give a prediction if I could, but I honestly don’t know who to pick. It’s a complete 50-50 fight and I can’t wait to see it. They’re both brilliant fighters, but I couldn’t separate them. I like Geraghty’s style, he has brilliant movement, and Tennyson is a brilliant fighter, he can bang but he’s a brilliant boxer as well and he has a good engine. It’s too close to call for me

Dan McShane
I think both boxers will be going into the fight full of confidence. For James to win I think he needs to get in and fight rather than box for him to control the fight. If he does that, he will win by late stoppage as I know the engine and power that James has. I’ve never seen Declan box, but I’ve heard he is a very good boxer and for me the only way for Declan to win is for James to have an off-night. or if James lets him box and move. Other than that, James is my man.

Mark Morris
Well I hope Tenny wins. It will be a hard-fought fight with a few knockdowns but I think Tennyson will nick it.

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Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

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