IB Opinion:Magee Needs Balzsay To Move Forward – Will He Get Him

By  Patrick Appleton

Brian Magee defended his WBA interim title in prolific fashion in Denmark last Saturday evening, but the Antrim man has his sights set higher following the weekend victory over Rudy Markussen.

Magee floored Markussen with a beautifully telling body shot in the fifth, one that the Danish fighter was still feeling in the post fight press conference.

As we have mentioned, Magee’s manager is looking at WBA champion Karoly Balzsay as a possible avenue and such a fight would entice the paying public. SEE HERE-http://www.irish-boxing.com/2012/02/magee-wants-balzsay-bout-and-regular-title/

Balzsay would be a tricky assignment for Magee but the Belfast fighter is not keen to hang around waiting for opportunities at this stage in his career.

Magee would relish the opportunity to fight for champion’s full WBA title and a possible Belfast date could even be on the cards if the Hungarian is brave enough to accept Magee’s challenge.

The Ulsterman’s team are working on the fact that following his win of the interim belt and subsequent defence Magee is mandatory challenger and Balzsay would have no choice but to fight then.

A fight with WBO champion Balzsay in Belfast would be a great start to a summer of Irish boxing and Magee’s hometown has conducted itself perfectly in the public eye recently.

Notable bouts like McCloskey’s homecoming and Tyson Fury’s win over Nicolai Firtha have recaptured Belfast’s love of boxing, a love that was so evident when Barry McGuigan was gracing the Kings Hall in the 80s.

Fans would love it if Magee could become the McGuigan of his generation and provide Belfast with a genuine world title fight, but Balzsay may prove tricky to get to Ireland.

The Hungarian seems to be the only man Magee has eyes for at the minute, but as we and he know, there are plenty of good match-ups available at Super Middleweight for the Irishman.

Another possible fight would be a second crack at Lucien Bute but there is very little chance that the IBF champion would even entertain the idea of fighting in Ireland so is his comfort of performing in Canada.

Bute would be a tricky option however as were Magee to lose a second time to the Romanian then surely his stock would fall so low he might have trouble getting back to his current heights.

A second loss to Bute would be worse than a first loss against Balzsay as even a spirited performance would enable Magee to keep his name in the hat of Super Middleweight challengers.

Defeat to Bute would make him a nearly man whereas losing to Balzsay would still allow him some room for manoeuvre as the man who has fought valiantly against two world champions.

Talk of Magee losing after such a terrific win at the weekend may seem pessimistic but realism is the best form of viewpoint in boxing and Brian Magee is not kidding anyone.

He knows his next fight will be ten times tougher than his last two put together, provided his team do a good job and get him a full title shot against either Balzsay or Bute, something one of Ireland’s most hard-working fighters surely deserves.

Every Irish boxing fan will be hoping either fight is made, but if someone out there can think of a better option for the Belfast man we’d be delighted to hear it.

At 36 years of age Brian Magee could be one of the oldest new kids on the block, but he has Belfast and beyond in full support of his quest for full world honours. Let’s hope he gets them.


www.irish-boxing.com’s Jonny Stapleton’s view:

Having become a renowned Viking slayer Denmark is also an option for the former British and European champion.

By beating ‘Hardhitter’ Markussen at his own game the Irish Boxer of the Year made it Ireland 2 Denmark 0 in terms of super middleweight title fights.

Now having taken the short route to victory over both Markussen and Mads Larsen the Dane’s are clamouring for revenge. Having seen to inferior opponents fall it is quite conceivable they will call for the Great Dane, former Super Six contestant Mikkel Kessler to inflict retribution.

British super middleweight favourite George Groves has also been touted as another option for the nomadic pugilist. Although he brings the least in terms of experience Saint George is believed to possess the biggest cheque book making him all the more appealing.

I don’t Bute is an option but become regular world champion and all the top super middleweights will be gunning for the veteran. Which believe or not is a good thing.





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