Dee Walsh proves boxing is full of good guys

THE weekend’s out of ring antics in Germany saw boxing make headlines for the wrong reasons. David Haye, Derek Chisroa, slapgate, bottlegate and indeed the press did their bit to drag the fight game and its participants name through the mud.

Sweet science specialists  once again became labelled street bullies. The sport which has a world wide reputation for keeping young kids on the straight and narrow has since been labelled a ‘thugs games’.

One member of the Irish boxing family, however proved pugilists are not all brute over aggressive gangsters after his win on Saturday night.

On a night that saw boxing’s public image take more body blows than  an early Mike Tyson opponent Dee ‘Waldo’ Walsh showed compassion, consideration and social awareness.

On a seperate note the 22 year old rising boxing star dedicated his win to recently deceased boxing teenager Gavin McComb as well as Sean McShane, Brendan Smith and the The Clarke family.

The unbeaten prospect also tried to shine some of the spot light directed on him after his defeat of Lee Noble to the suicide issue he believes is a problem in certain parts of Belfast.
“I want to dedicate my win to the champ Gavin McComb, my good freind Sean McShane, Brendan Smith and The Clarke Family. I would also like to dedicate it to anybody who lost a family member or a close freind to suicide. Lately in Belfast and especially West Belfast, where I’m from, there has been a lot of suicides and I want to bring awareness to the issue.”

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