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Ireland’s Last Man Standing – Which fighters want in?

Applications for Ireland’s Last Man Standing opened last night.

An eight-man, Prizefighter-style, knockout tournament, there is a prize pot of almost €50,000, with the winner taking home €25,000 for himself and €5,000 for their amateur club.

The inaugural tournament, at a 165lbs catchweight, is set to run at the National Stadium on Saturday March 3rd, and the application period remains open until the end of the year.

The competition is being run by Red Corner Promotions and Assassin Boxing, however the line-up will be selected by an independent panel which includes Mickey Helliet and Olympic hero Kenny Egan.

The eight will be announced at a press conference on Wednesday January 10th.

Irish-Boxing.com attempted to gauge interest and contacted fighters in and around the weight to see if they will be applying.

Any boxer that wishes to apply must be eligible for a BUI licence and should e-mail info@irelandslastman.com outlining why they should be included.

Luke Keeler
BUI Rank – #1 Middleweight
The reigning Irish champion, Keeler will be mandated by the BUI to defend his belt against the winner of the first edition of Ireland’s Last Man Standing.

Andy Lee
BUI Rank – #2 Middleweight
The former WBO world champion is an ambassador for the series and described how “it’s very ambitious, it’s exciting, it’s very imaginative, and it could lead to a great series of boxing to be shown on live TV. It’s what we’ve been crying out for.”

Spike O’Sullivan
BUI Rank – #3 Middleweight
O’Sullivan is currently preparing for a WBO world title eliminator with Antoine Douglas, so the tournament is not currently on his radar, however he noted how “it would have been a good format for me, and I would have entered the one a few years ago on Sky Sports but I was never asked.”

Chris Blaney
BUI Rank – #4 Middleweight
“Yeah, I heard about it, I would be interested in it – but I think we have other plans of the Irish title soon enough.”

Jason Quigley
BUI Rank – #5 Middleweight
“I love the sounds of the Last Man Standing thing. I know with my team, they won’t be keen on it as I’m ranked #10 WBA and #12 WBC. If I was at 3-0, starting out, I definitely would consider it, but I’m just a little far ahead in my career now for it. But it sounds amazing and very exciting, I would love to be there for it.”

BUI #6 Middleweight Alfredo Meli and BUI #7 Middleweight Conrad Cummings are both focused and preparing for a fight this Friday night in Belfast.

Connor Coyle
BUI Rank – #8 Middleweight
“I’ll talk with my team to see what’s best for me for 2018. We already have a few TV dates lined up, so that might be the best option for me at this stage of my career. But I’m not saying nothing yet, anything can happen in between times. Sounds very interesting.”

Darren Cruise
BUI Rank – #10 Middleweight
“It’s huge. I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be in it, to be honest. I’ve fought for two Irish titles, and should have won both of them, at middle and super middle. I fought in the 2012 Prizefighter in Belfast, I’m a different fighter now. I’m a West of Ireland fighter, so you’ll be bringing somebody in from the West. I’d be shocked if I wasn’t in it.”

Thomas Finnegan
BUI Rank – #12 Middleweight
“I would love to do it. I would really love to do it. That’s a good chance, a good opportunity, I want to take it.”

Vladimir Belujsky
BUI Rank #13 Middleweight
“I probably won’t be in it. I’ve other plans. I want to fight for either the Irish super middleweight title of the Slovakian middleweight title.”

JJ McDonagh
BUI Rank – #1 Super Middleweight
The Irish champion at 168lbs, McDonagh does not intend to enter, but noted how the tournament is a “fantastic concept with some big money. Can’t wait to watch it!”

Sean McGlinchey
BUI Rank – #3 Super Middleweight
“Very interested in this, where do I sign up?”

Pádraig McCrory
BUI Rank – #6 Super Middleweight
“I would be open to the opportunity of the Last Man Standing although I would need to go on the advice of my management and coaches. When I saw the post about it it did get me thinking though.”

Craig O’Brien
BUI Rank – #4 Light Middleweight
“I don’t I’ll weigh in for the Last Man Standing, but I’ll weigh in to defend my belt [on the show]. If you have the two semi finals then I’ll pop in, let them have a break [before the final], something like that would be good.”

John Hutchinson
BUI Rank – #5 Light Middleweight
“Put my name in the mix for this!”

Terry Maughan
BUI Rank – #7 Light Middleweight
“Brilliant idea. Love to be a part of something as big as this.”

Bernard Roe
BUI Rank – #8 Light Middleweight
“Yeah, I’d be interested, big time. I’ll put the feelers out.”

Gerard Healy
BUI Rank – #9 Light Middleweight
“Would like to have a go at this.”

Craig McCarthy
BUI Rank – #7 Light Heavyweight
“I’m pretty interested. Me and my team are gonna discuss it. Reckon we’re going for it.”

Jade Karam
BUI Rank – N/A
The Beirut Rebel has stated his desire to feature in the tournament.

Jordan Latimer
BUI Rank – N/A
“I personally think I should be on this. A Sligo fighter and probably got the best ability and story as well. I reckon I’d win it hands down anyway.”

John McCallum
BUI Rank – N/A
Tony Davitt has taken the Irish-based Scottish super middleweight on, and intends to enter him in the tournament.

Who do you want to see in Ireland’s Last Man Standing?


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