‘Injecting who knows what’ – Paschal Collins ‘very concerned’ after Chris Eubank’s Eubank Jr – Spike O’Sullivan revelation

Paschal Collins says he is ‘very concerned’ after Chris Eubank Snr made an interesting revelation about Gary Spike O’Sullivan’s clash with Chris Eubank Jr.

The Cork fighter and the son of Steve Collins’ former rival shared the ring in December of 2015.

The English fighter settled a massive grudge in his favour by forcing coach Paschal Collins to pull the Cork favourite out of an entertaining Sky Sports PPV WBA world title eliminator between round seven and eight.

The fight became a brief topic of discussion on Talk Sport this weekend and something was said that raised Collins concerns.

While defending Conor Benn, who was forced to pull out of a fight with Eubank Jr after failing a drug test, and placing potential blame at the door of Benn’s team, Eubank Jr suggested his son was injected with something pre-the ‘Spike’ fight.

The former world champion who twice fought Steve Collins in Ireland said: “Conor is a clean fighter, he doesn’t know what goes into him. There is a video of me, I think it was [ahead] of the Spike O’Sullivan fight. I’d been in America and I came back on the day. I came from the airport and I came in…I walked into the back and he had a needle in his knuckle. The needle was in his knuckle and I said ‘what the F are you doing’. I said ‘you never do that’. He said ‘I thought you’d be ok with it, you were not here, I’m just doing what I do’. These young men are trusting these people. What’s going into my son?”

Eubank Jr may dispute the story and it remains unclear if the incident his father is talking about was actually pre-the O’Sullivan clash, as he was present for the weigh-in, meaning he didn’t arrive on fight day as explained above. It may also have been a legal injection but it has upset the Celtic Warrior Gym coach nonetheless.

Speaking online he said:

Speaking previously about the O’Sullivan fight Eubank Jr said it was the fight that proved his son, who he no longer works with, had what it takes to reach the top.

“Against Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan, he took an overhand right in the third round that travelled about ten inches. These are the shots that knock you out because these are the shots that have the weight of your torso in them. When shots come from the hip, they only have 10-12 lbs of power but when your torso is in it, all the weight of your body is in that shot and that’s the one that does the most damage.

“He took the shot in the third round and he didn’t buckle. And it was an overhand right like ‘Spike’ was bowling a ball. That shot usually knocks people out but Junior didn’t even take a backward step.

“Why is that important?

“That’s important because the most vital thing when achieving anything in boxing is based around how well you take a shot. If he can do that then, actually, he can get to the top.


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