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‘I’m not a pup anymore’ – Kieran Molloy has top dog plans

Kieran Molloy [3(2)-0] believes he will go from sparring the likes of David Avanesyan to fighting them over the coming years.

Ahead of his fourth pro fight in Belfast on Saturday, the Galway fighter helped Avanesyan, prepare to face the unique talented that Terence Crawford in Omaha on the same day.

It’s the kind of work the Top Rank talent craves and the kind of action he will get outside of the training ring in the near future he predicts.

“These are the guys I’m going to be fighting in the next two or three years. I’ve always liked to be challenged in training, this is where you’re going to be doing all your learning in the gym, just to be getting that world class work with high-level fighters is going to bring me on a lot more than sparring average guys,” Molloy told Conlan Boxing’s YouTube channel.

Molloy is part of a progressive camp that includes Anthony Joshua and as well as solid sparring he points out says that working with Angel Fernandez is transforming him. “I honestly feel he’s making me understand the game so much more clearly than I used to. Every day is a learning day, I don’t just go in and hit the bags or do the pads or spar, there’s a meaning behind everything I’m doing now and I’m studying boxing as well, I’m not just coming home and resting for the evening or whatever. I’m writing down stuff, he sends me clips of old school fighters that he wants me to study as well. Just bits like that, he’s really making me understand the game a lot more clearly.”

In October the third fight of Molloy’s professional career was a points win in Frankfurt, and he feels it was a valuable experience. “It was great to get out of my comfort zone and fight in a different country, especially this early on in my career. It really helped me move forward, there are definitely times when we’re going to have to be in their backyard as well, so to get the feel of that so early on was great.”

While it was a relatively one sided fight, Molloy said it shows he has certain attributes. “We spoke about it after the fight, it will really stand to me. I know I have the engine to go six high paced rounds against a good tough opponent who’s very durable. It’s good to have had those rounds. “

The well-supported former amateur standout is really looking forward to his second Belfast fight since turning over. “I can’t wait, it was unbelievable last time. A couple of lads were telling me that it was like someone walking out for a world title fight, it was that loud. Especially coming out to Galway Girl again, it’s going to be fantastic.”

Molloy is confident he’s in excellent shape for Saturday. “I’ve had really hard sparring this camp, I feel super fit, super sharp, so I feel like I’m going to go in there and look really good. I’ve got to stay calm as well, not try too hard, but I feel like I’m improving and progressing all the time, I’m looking forward to showing off what I’ve been doing in training.”

The Oughterard BC graduate says he wants to fight every eight to ten weeks in 2023, and to make some career progress during the year. “I just turned 24 last weekend so it’s about pushing on now, I’m not a pup anymore, I’ve got a lot of experience, but I’ve to take the right fights at the right time as well.”

Photo Credit Mark Mead