Hyland’s heart set on Dunne deal

10 December 2009 – By Cormac Campbell

Irish super-bantamweight champion Paulie Hyland is hungry for big fights not least a domestic dust-up with Bernard Dunne.

Having disposed of challenger Eugene Heagney with clinical ease at the National Stadium last Saturday, the 25-year-old Tallaght native believes the world is his oyster.

A clash with Bernard Dunne looks an increasing possibility particularly if Hyland emerges from a February challenge for the EU title in Italy.

“The EU belt is next for me,” he said.

That will probably be ob February 26 in Italy then I will call out (European Champion) Rendall Munroe.

“Then, ideally Bernard. If he comes that would be great. I think he has a few years left in his tank and it would be a major fight.”

Whilst Dunne (28-2 (25KO)) has been there and bought the T-shirt, Hyland (16-1 (5KO)) still has it all to prove. Despite this he is confident he would be the victor in what would be one of the most marketable all-Irish clashes of recent times.

“Ive no problem fighting him tomorrow,” said Hyland. “Im confident. If you dont have it there is no point in getting in the ring.”

Hyland also feels he is improving rapidly after returning to the super-bantamweight division.

“I was more relaxed, stronger and faster. Im more comfortable at super-bantam (than bantamweight). I havent been happier since I was 17 going in to the first senior title.”

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