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‘Hungry’ Declan Geraghty ‘doesn’t care’ going into Dylan Moran Irish title fight

Declan Geraghty’s approach to his mouthwatering Irish title fight with Dylan Moran is a bizarre mix of laissez-faire and pure business.

A self labeled ‘underachiever’ ‘Pretty Boy’ finally has the chance to add real gloss to what has proved an interesting, entertaining, and even brave career.

An Irish title win would allow the Dub, who said he is retiring this summer regardless, to go out on a high and with something tangible to show off in years to come.

With that in mind, there should be some degree of pressure going into the April 8, Ring Kings card and the Waterford fight night. However, Geraghty is at peace in the last chance saloon and as relaxed as if he’s been served a few drinks already.

“There is no pressure because I don’t care,” he tells Irish-boxing.com.

“My career is over this year either way. I could win this fight and jack it in, lose this fight and jack it in, maybe win this fight and have another big one but by this summer I’m going to jack it in. This could be the last time you see me fight on home soil. I’ve said it before I’m in extra time, I should have packed it in a long time ago.”

It’s a strange approach to take into any fight. ‘I don’t care’ passed through Geraghty’s lips more than once throughout the interview, but as he continues it becomes clearer his apathy isn’t toward the fight but more toward the result. Geraghty wants to win, and certainly believes he can win but has recovered from big defeats previously and, as a result, is at a stage where he can take a blow to his pride.

‘I don’t’ care’ translates to ‘I’ve nothing to lose’. The southpaw, who won two National Elite titles as an amateur, enjoys fighting, enjoys entertaining, and thats all that ‘The Homecoming’ card is about for him.

“It is what it is it’s a fight,” he continues trying to explain his thought process. “I’ve had 27 pro fights and over 300 hundred amateur fights.Plus how many fights have I had outside the ring as a kid? I’m not bothered I just like to fight. People are like ‘what happens if you lose’ and I’m sure they are saying the same to Dylan. We are fighting men and this is what we are in the sport for. Boxers, we like to fight it’s part of our DNA.

“The Irish title is a lovely thing to win but it’s not going to define me or my career. I’m content with my career. I am not happy with it but I’ve come to terms with it. I’ve done what I’ve done and now it’s about adding bits if I can.”

The latter might be music to ‘The Real Deal’ and the people of Waterford’s ears. It may seem as if Geraghty might be happy just to show up and throw down. However, also part of Geraghty’s DNA is a desire to win, fear of defeat may not have a hold over him, but he still wants to win and assures he very much desires victory.

“I have the hunger and the talent to do it. I don’t need to box I just do it because I love it. I’m just being honest with myself retirement is coming. When I signed with Ian I said I’d have two or three warm-up fights and throw myself into a 50-0 or a 60-40 in someone elses favour and roll with it – and that’s what I’m doing.

“It’s an exciting fight. I believe it will be a great fight but I believe I’ll do the job. I’ve never ever gone into a fight doubting myself.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years