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How to Get a Win When Betting on Sports

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Did you know that a bookmaker always has an edge over punters? Because of this, getting a win not always a guarantee to punters. However, did you know that you can reverse this and have an edge over the sports wagering provider?

If you are a frequent punter in Nigeria, you have probably heard of the name advantage player or you know about WGB. It is what gaming companies refer to as gamers who only wager when the odds favor them.

Whether you’re a pro punter or just wagering for fun, the 1st step is to stop wagering on –EV bets. EV stands for Expected Value. It can be positive or negative.

What is the Expected Value (EV?)

It is a name that is used by pro gamers regularly. For you to learn easily, we will use a practical example.

Let’s say we have two participants in a coin-flipping competition. One gets $1 for head and the other $1 for tails. These two would flip that coin forever and no one would have an edge over the other. Such a wager is considered to come with a neutral EV.

Now assume that the contest gets boring and one party wants to quit. However, the person that wants to continue has to offer a better deal. For example, $1.10 for the one who wanted to leave but the one who wants to continue will still get $1.00. This changes everything now. One party has an advantage over the other. The one who wanted to leave has a positive EV every time a coin is flipped while the other party has a negative EV.

Each bet placed in a betting site has either a –EV or a +EV and in rare instances, the EV is neutral. If you want to be a winner, avoid –EV and try to locate +EV.

Tips for finding the +EV

Most bettors will not spend time to learn the tips on how to enhance their advantage because it is time-consuming and can be very overwhelming. However, if your desire is making profits, then there is need to learn how to locate +EV wagers. Follow these strategies:

  • Teaser wagering – It is the simplest way to locate positive EV wagers. Teasers are determined by current wagering lines and a gamer doesn’t have to conduct much research to see if a straight bet has a positive EV. Learning about teaser wagering can be a great tip to beat betting sites to a win.
  • Prop wagering – These types of bets are mostly known as the simplest betting chances for punters. Mastering prop wagering will assist you to easily locate +EV wagers

Some sports wagering books you can read

Reading betting books can be the keep to get frequent wins. Some of the books we recommend for beginners include Stanford Wong’s Sharps Sports Betting and King Yao’s Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting.

For more experienced punters Elihu D Feustel’s Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street would be a good start. It contains information that can be crucial for people who have already started winning. Its terms and techniques are heavy and complex. If you are planning on becoming a pro gambler then this title is perfect.

Remember that there are many materials that you can utilize to win in sports wagering but if you don’t follow the basic wagering principles you will fail. It is important to be disciplined and not bet more than you can afford to lose.


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