How do the great boxers rest? The gambling celebrities of boxing.

Sports have always been a gambling activity. Perhaps that’s why many famous athletes like to gamble and often show up at casinos. top10bestcasino will tell you about some of them.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is quite a popular former boxer. He won 50 fights out of 58, with 44 of them being completed by knockout. However, the most high-profile event that made him a popular person in the 90’s happened during the fight when Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear. Because of this, he was disqualified and paid 3 million in fines. Thus it is quite interesting that despite his explosive nature, his hobbies are quite calm and peaceful.

Like many sportsmen, Tyson plays gambling, which is legal in the USA. Nevertheless, it is not his main hobby. At least the boxer himself does not think so.

Floyd Mayweather

The undefeated 44-year-old world boxing champion is widely known for his luxurious life.

On social networks, the boxer also often posts screenshots of his accounts at bookmakers’ offices with big winnings and photos of casino chips worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His fortune was recently estimated at $560 million, so Mayweather can afford to play his favorite games with extra money.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is the only boxer who managed to become world champion in eight weight categories. He has achieved great heights in boxing, has become a successful politician in the Philippines, and pays a lot of attention to charity. But besides world fame, Pacquiao acquired (or maybe developed) in the USA a bad habit – gambling addiction. For the first time, Pacquiao’s passion for gambling was reported in the magazine Sports Illustrated in June 2012.

The younger brother of the boxer, Bobby, once told about the boxer’s frequent trips to Southern California casinos, where he could leave $100,000 at the poker table with a smile on his face.

Anthony Joshua

It’s not hard to guess that the British boxer is partial to gambling, especially poker. 

On the eve of the fight with Bulgarian Kurbat Pulev, the British media found out how Joshua relaxes before the fight. It turned out that Anthony is an avid poker player. On the eve of the fight with Pulev, footage of AJ relaxing while playing cards hit the net.

Along with him at the table were promoter Eddie Hearn, cousin Ben Ileimi and childhood friend Leon Skinner. We can assume Joshua left the tournament early because one of the pictures shows him sitting on his phone while his friends continue to play poker.

Some sportsmen prefer to play at PayPal casinos.

What is PayPal? It is hundreds of millions of users, millions of payments daily, and famous founders such as Elon Musk, Ken Howery, and Peter Thiel. 

PayPal’s ease of use has made it the most popular payment system worldwide and has made its way to the online casino industry – that’s how PayPal-enabled casinos have emerged.

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And if after this article you have a desire to learn how to bet on sports, you should always remember that by betting, you risk your money and enter into complex social, financial, and legal relationships. This complexity is an integral part of modern betting.

Before playing for real money, do three things: study your country’s betting laws, read all the rules, and test your strength on a virtual account.

Every outstanding athlete is a gambler. Yes, in the ring, on the soccer field, or the athletic track, sportsmen must be cool. But immediately after the competition, you need to splash out accumulated emotions. And many do it with the help of slot machines for money like at Ardente casino.


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