How Betting on Boxing Has Changed Over the Years

Anyone who has been betting on boxing for many years will have seen the face of it change considerably over time.

Betting on boxing is not like what it used to be. Gone are the days of visiting your local betting shop and being limited to wagers on who will win the fight. Now you can go online and find a large number of betting markets to use, as well as some great boxing betting, offers to take advantage of.

Those keeping up with the latest professional boxing news will be able to bet on many fights too, the fights you can bet on have certainly increased.

This has all led to more people than ever before betting on boxing and assuming these people continue to do that, the bookmakers are only going to keep improving things.

There are three big changes that have brought boxing forward, the betting markets on offer, the creation of in-play betting and bookmaker offers.

Boxing Betting Markets

Gone are the days when you could only bet on who won the fight. From the method of victory to exact round of victory, round group betting, number of knockdowns and much more, there is plenty for punters to look at.

This diversity has allowed even the most one-sided fights to become something we can all bet on, in days gone by these would have seen no bets on them due to the odds on offer. Big-name boxers such as Anthony Joshua are the people we want to see fight and even if they are facing a lower opponent, betting is still available in some way.

Bookmakers needed to find a way to spark interest in these fights and this is how they have done it.

If you are looking to bet on a fight and don’t like the look of the outright win odds, there are plenty of options for you to place a bet on a different market and get some value. Those looking to bet regularly on boxing will find the diversity of markets a real help.

In-Play Boxing Betting

The entire betting industry has been changed by the creation of in-play betting and boxing is part of that. Rather than bets needing to be placed before about, you can now bet during one thanks to this way of betting.

Whether it is the markets we saw before or new ones based on in-play betting such as will there be a knockdown in the next round, you can bet on many different things while the fight is on.

This offers the type of diversity that we never thought we would see in boxing betting.

Bookmaker Boxing Offers

Every bookmaker you find online is trying their best to be the biggest bookmaker out there, and to do that they have to show their service is the very best.

To find who is the best and who has the best offers you need to look at detailed bookmaker comparisons to see what each one has on offer. In particular, look at how they approach boxing and see if they have any boxing specific offers you can use while placing your bets.

These offers can be anything from money back specials to free bets, enhanced odds and much more. Many bookmakers offer them on the big events, so make sure you certainly look for them when a big fight is upcoming.

There was nothing like this available in the past, and when you combine it with how you can now bet on boxing, it shows just how much things have changed over the years.


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