Hogan has chance to become two weight Queensland champ

By Jonny Stapleton

Dennis Hogan has been given the opportunity to secure a second belt in under six months after signing to fight Nathan Carroll for the Queensland Middleweight title in March.

Hogan is certainly on the up Down Under and became king of the Queensland super middleweight’s with victory over veteran Glen Fitzpatrick in October. The Kildare native, who used to campaign at light heavyweight, will drop down drop in size once more in a bid to further decorate his mantle piece by becoming a two weight champ.

However, if he is to claim another title he will have to over come the toughest test of his career. Carroll is also unbeaten and is ranked number 6 in Australia, but Hogan is sure he that his 0 will not go and has his eye on top ten ranking as well as another strap.

The Oz based pugilist also believes defeating Carroll will pave the way to an Australian title clash.

“I am very confident my 0 will still be where it should be come the end of the fight. I have no doubt. Winning this belt will be great. Being champion in two weights should bring more fights and my ranking will be better, which will help put me in contention for the big prize an Aussie title fight, but it is one fight at a time as always.”

Hogan’s weight seems to be fluctuating with the regularity as Oprah of late, but he claims his performance and power levels rise the more weight he looses.

“I am after settling nicely now at middleweight got two personal bests in strenght and conditioning this week so I am strongest at this weight and happy at it for the time being.”

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