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‘He said he was going to slit my throat – McKenna punishes Denes for making threats

Stevie McKenna [13(12)-0] was only too happy to make Brendon Denes [9(6)-3(2)] eat leather and his weigh-in words last week.

The Cameroonian told the Monaghan middle he was going to ‘slit his throat’ during the weigh-in for their Boxxer-promoted fight just over a week ago.

The hard-hitting 25-year-old didn’t take much notice of the threat, but it did make beating him in an such aggressive fashion all the more satisfying.

“He said to me at the weigh he was going to cut my throat and take my head off,” McKenna explained to Boxing Social.

“I said to him we’ll see and we did see. I got him out of there with heavy heavy shots,” he adds with a glint in his eye.”

‘The Hitman’ wasn’t offended by his latest opponent’s approach rather he enjoyed the bit of bite and praised Denes for having the guts to come and give it a go.

“I’d like to thank the opponent for taking it because so many people turned it down. It’s so difficult to get me a fight but I understand why. I don’t blame these guys for not wanting to fight me, they are in for hell if they fight me.”

Reflecting on his most recent performance he added. : “It was non-stop action. I traded it out with him. He was tricky and hard to hit at times but I adapted and got him out of there. I changed a few things and I was working on a few things but I knew at the end of the day I was going to get him out of there. My punches coming forward anyone that thinks they can stand and trade it out with me has another thing coming.”


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