Ginley hope’s Waldron teaches him winning lesson

by Jonny Stapleton

You don’t learn to win if you challenge fighters that come to loose, according to Ray Ginley- so the Belfast pugilist has decided to make his pro debut  against the experienced John Waldron.

The younger but heavier brother of pro fighter Mark Ginley has taken the brave decision to debut against the former Irish light heavyweight champion in the Emerald Road House on February 25.

It won’t be an easy induction to the paid ranks, but Ginley would prefer to earn his pay and pick up experience than blast his way to an meaningless victory.

“I am not trying to fast track or show I am at Irish title level. I just want to learn and you learn nothing from fighting people that are there to get beat. I know I am taking on a very experienced opponent for just my first fight, but I trust my coaches and manager and I am looking forward to the fight,” Ginley told

“Every fight is a risk in boxing. It only takes one punch to change a fight. I do believe in my own ability and I wouldn’t get in the ring unless I thought I could win.”

Ginley takes on the Mayo ‘Warrior’ on an Emerald Promotions fight menu that includes Willie Casey, Gerard Healy, Anthony Cacae, Mark Ginley and Joe Hillerby and the debutant is predicting a boxing bonanza.

“Training is going great. I am happy with how I have been sparring and I have no injuries. I just can’t wait to fight. In fact everyone is looking great in the gym. I expect it to be a great night of boxing, and know that all the lads will do the business.”

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