Fury press conference absence is “nothing new” says Klitschko

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The non-appearance of Tyson Fury at yesterday’s press conference with Wladimir Klitschko does not bother the Ukrainian former champ.

Team Fury claimed that a broken-down car and a dead phone battery was the cause of the champion’s absence, although many believe that it was mind games or a publicity stunt

Regardless, Klitschko stressed that it did not effect him. The 41 year old recalled “so what? I’ve had this in the past with Povetkin when we were supposed to fight and also with Haye. It’s nothing new.”

“I’m not surprised any more because in the the past there have been so many ridiculous moves from the Fury camp.”

“When the fight was postponed, I was in camp in Austria. In a way it was déjà vu because I had it with Haye.”

The long-reigning Eastern European feels he is well-equipped to deal with Fury’s antics, as well as the postponement of their initial July 9th date. Klitschko explained that “it can go in any direction but I’m highly motivated and it didn’t take any air out of me. I know what kind of people we’re dealing with.”

“I felt good the entire time, but even if now I’m starting another camp and preparing for Fury, I have a different look, I’m a totally different person. I definitely feel better about it. I had my fun time, my family time, so I’m well-balanced in this way.”

There’s nothing that is going to make me less focused or train less. I know this fight is going to happen and I know I’m going to win.”

Klitschko admitted that the shock loss to the former Irish champion last year in Duesseldorf was devastating, but the determined former belt-holder revealed that “there was never a thought about retiring.”

“I was suffering with thoughts like ‘Wait a second, that must be a dream’. I actually woke up and was like ‘This is not for real’, because that’s not what I get used to.”

“It took me two days to shake it off. By Tuesday, I said ‘I’m going to execute the option in our contract, for a rematch’. By Wednesday we announced it. The first days, I just needed to understand what happened.”

Joe O'Neill

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