Ormond: I will win World title in 2016 and then British lightweights can’t avoid me

If any fighter has reason to feel sorry for himself it’s Stephen Ormond.

The pocket powerhouse is one who most in the fight World would agree is title-shot worthy, yet hasn’t been afforded the chances his talent deserves.

Despite breaking down a number of opponents over the years, the Clondalkin man hasn’t got the breaks. The former Irish amateur Senior Champ always felt he wasn’t prioritised by former promoter Frank Warren, and when what looked like two break through chances came he was robbed in Scotland against Paul Appleby and suffered personal tragedy just hours before he had to get in the ring against Terry Flanagan.

The Celtic Warrior Gym lightweight now has to watch as former victim Derry Matthews challenges Flanagan, who promised him a rematch for the WBO World title.

Ormond is frustrated, but isn’t one to wallow and rather than bemoan the lack of fortune he is determined to make his own luck. ‘The Rock’ wants in on the hot lightweight scene in Britain, but understands he is seen as high-risk low-reward by UK Promoters and that is something he plans to change in 2016.

The Murphy’s boxing star claims he will secure himself a World title in 2016 via the American route before coming home and securing high profile and lucrative fights with the best in Britain.

“It’s nothing to do with the fighters whether we fight or not,” Ormond said when asked about a possible shot at the winner of Flanagan and Matthews world title fight.

“Terry said he would give me a rematch and I am sure Derry would like to avenge his defeat, but it’s all down to their teams. It is all about money and you can’t blame anyone for going where the money is. At the moment I might not bring anything to the table, so I will go to America get my title and bring it back. Then I have something they want and their teams will be looking to fight me.”

“Febraury 6th, and I have to thank MGM for having me on the show they are doing great things for Irish boxing, is a chance for me to let Flanagan, Matthews and their teams know that I am still there, but what I need to do is go get a title to tempt them to fight me. Get that title then come back to them and say ‘lets have big fights’.

Ormond, who fights in the National Stadium on Febraury 6th, has so long been touted as one to watch that there are those who worry his chance may have passed. However, he argues that couldn’t be further from the truth and he is adamant big title success is imenent.

Indeed, he claims this is his year.

“I am chasing that world title this year,” Ormond added with a steely look in his eye.

“I know there are options as to what route we take, but the way it is now I don’t care. I really think I will be World champion by the end of this year. I am going to do everything possible to achieve that dream.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years