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From Our Archives – When Holly Holm First Discussed Katie Taylor -10 Years Ago

Holly Holm has become the front runner to man the away corner for a massive Katie Taylor homecoming.

It appears as if the Irish Icon will finally get the chance to fight on home soil and could confirm a Croke Park fight night for the first weekend of October or the last Saturday of September as early as next month.

It’s understood Holm has moved into Taylor challenge pole only after negotiations stalled with Team Amanda Serrano. However, ‘The Preacher’s Daughter has been linked to a fight with the undisputed lightweight champion many a time before. Indeed, they were first mentioned together 10 years ago before the American embarked on a MMA career.

Here at Irish-boxing.com we spoke to Holm about a possible fight wiht the Irish Icon in 2012 and 2013 after Taylor’s win at the London Olympics, and after comments from Pete Taylor, the world champions’s coach and father, which earmarked the then Pound for Pound boxing star as a potential opponent for Katie in an eight-round pro/am contest in association with the World Series of Boxing.

Interview with Holly Holm after Taylor’s gold medal win:

Irish-Boxing: How do you think Katie Taylor performed at the Olympics?
Holly Holm: I think she did a wonderful job of representing women’s boxing, and I would like to congratulate her on her medal.

IB: Did you know of her pre-London?
HH: Yes,from the media in Europe that had called and asked if we would fight her.
At the time they called I never had heard of her.

IB: Katie has admitted that she would like to go pro, do you think she should and do think she would be ready?
HH: She is definitely ready for the pros, and that is her decision.

IB: What differences can she expect?
HH: My suggestion to her would be to surround yourself with good people.

IB: Would you be interested in fighting her?
HH: I will fight anybody in the world between 140-154lb if the money and conditions are right and fair. I have successfully cleaned out three divisions and welcome the needed competition.

IB: Do you think the pound-for-pound greatest amateur against you, one of the pound-for-pound greatest pros at this stage, would be one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing history?
HH: Sorry, but I’m not ‘one of them’ I am pound-for-pound Champion and that’s why belts do not matter to me I have 11 World Titles. I leave that end to my Manager Mr.Winklejohn and promoter Lenny Fresquez. They handle that I fight who ever they put in front of me.

IB: Would you be confident of victory and why?
HH: Right now, yes. She is young and needs to get some experience then we can make a big fight!

Interview with Holly Holm at the time of a mooted WSB fight with Katie Taylor:

IB: What are your thoughts on the fight – are you excited by the best pro and the best amateur fighting each other?
HH: It would be a mismatch and we fight ten two minute rounds not eight rounds or head gear. But I am very happy for Katie, she has brought much attention to women’s boxing.

IB: Do you think Katie Taylor would be ready for World title fights in the pro game?
HH: Like I said we fight ten rounds and do not know if she would be ready.

HH: My promoter was approached by some promoter named [Brian]Peter to see if we would fight her we said gladly – do you know what your getting in to? But it would be a great fight to see who really is the best Irish fighter in the world. I am very proud of my heritage.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years