Frampton’s Mandatory Avalos set to fight Rigondeaux on November 22?

Caribe Promotions hope to promote Guillermo Rigondeaux versus the fighter mandatory for Carl Frampton’s IBF super bantamweight title, Chris Avalos in a WBO title fight on November 22.

Carbie won purse bids to promoter the clash which was ordered by the WBO having posted the winning purse bid of $317,777.77 as the sole participant in Puerto Rico.

They have since proposed a November 22 date and hope to promote the fight in Miami or the Dominican Republic.

“We held a purse bid at 1 p.m. at our WBO headquarters and Caribe Promotions was the sole participant at the purse bid,” said Izquierdo. “They won the purse bid and submitted a proposed date of Nov. 22. They also proposed two different venues, the first one, the Marlins baseball stadium in Miami, Fla., and the second one was Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Avalos takes goes ahead and fights the Gary Hyde managed Cuban. Avalos, who is promoted by Top Rank, has also teamed up with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom in a bid to maximize earnings from his mandated Frampton bout and he may choose to give up the ‘Rigo’ fight in favour of Frampton.

If he does fight the Olympic great it opens a lot more options for Frampton.


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