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Gallagher hits out a Shane McGuigan for ‘mouthing off’ and being disrespectful

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It’s turning into the ultimate grudge match.

Forget Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg wanting to settle their differences and exchanging verbal blows in the build up, there is tension between both camps at all levels.

Indeed, their might only be a vile of genuine bad blood between the fighters, but take into account trainers and promoters and you have more bad blood on display than a 70’s vampire horror.

IBF champion Frampton has serious dislike for Eddie Hearn, Quigg’s promoter, as does Irish fight legend Barry McGuigan – and now it seems there is some beef developing between the trainers.

Frampton very much top of the bill!!
Frampton very much top of the bill!

Joe Gallagher hasn’t reacted kindly to some interviews Frampton’s trainer Shane McGuigan, who mans the corner for David Haye’s comeback tomorrow, has done ahead of the massive February 27th super bantamweight clash and the Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year has let his feelings be known.

In fairness to the young coach he expressed a dislike for the man, who has Sligo heritage, rather than questioned his talents as a trainer, but Gallagher claims he has been disrespectful.

“I have never had to speak to him, but I have seen the interviews that he does and he is always bad mouthing, disrespecting and mouthing off,” Gallagher told Sky Sports.

“I have never disrespected him or really had anything say. He is always having a go and having a dig and I am just thinking to myself ‘you have only been in the sport a hot minute you need to show a bit of respect’

“I have served my time as a coach. I have been an amateur coach, won school boys and ABAs and everything else.

“Then as a pro I served my time and come through so for someone to come on and trash talk and down play everything I was doing when he was handed a European Champion to go.. I think he needs to wind his neck in a little and show a bit more respect for the people that have been in game and served their time.”


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