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‘Even English fans want to see me beat Quigg’ says Frampton

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‘The Jackal Army’ are set to come out in force and make the MEN Arena a home away from home for Carl Frampton on February 27th.

However, it won’t just be Irish and, in particular, Belfast fight fans that will be willing the IBF Champion come fight time claims Frampton.

Team Quigg have been keen to claim the support will be split 50/50 on the night with 10,000 strong support backing each fighter, but Frampton has argued otherwise.

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Indeed, he expects any attendees – bar those from Bury and Manchester – to be lending him their support and predicts Quigg will be booed roundly on the night.

Frampton, told Sportsmail: “I know for a fact, I’m happy to be flippant about it here, that I’m going to have more support in the arena than Quigg will on the night. I’m getting a lot of support from people from all over England; it’s incredible.

“This isn’t Ireland against England, this is Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the rest of the UK against Bury, Manchester. It’s going to make for an incredible atmosphere. It will be interesting to see how he deals with that; a home fighter getting a worse reception than me.”


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