Former Khan foe offers McCloskey some advice

7 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

The only Irishman to share a ring with Amir Khan has told Paul McCloskey that the WBA light-welterweight champions powers literally lie in his incredible speed. Oisin Fagan, who prepared for his 2008 WBA International title clash with Khan by sparring 100 rounds with McCloskey, told the Derry stylist that pace and not power is the Bolton natives main attribute.

The former Irish welterweight champion, who broke his leg during round one of his bout with the Golden Boy fighter yet still made it to round two, claims Khans punches didnt possess much power but the speed at which they were delivered were disorientating.

However, teak-tough Fagan reiterated the Khan temple of doom theory pointing out that boxings latest mega star is susceptible to blows around the top of his head.

Paul has to look out for Khan’s incredible speed, nothing else, just his speed. Khans power is his speed- I didn’t feel any powerful shots to be quite honest, but the speed was enough to put me off balance and hence the broken leg in the first round, Fagan told the Mirror.

I was told Khan’s problems come when he’s hit on top of the head and around the temples not his chin. His temples in particular, hence the looping, amateurish-looking shots I was trying to land. I was trying to hit with swings rather than straight shots, but land around Khans temples was the game plan. Khan has been in trouble before, so with a good shot out of the blue, it can happen again.

Gael Forces attempt to blow King Khan away was ruined by his broken leg and he is hoping the Derry stylist can succeed were he failed. However, the Dubliner believes if McCloskey is to sack Khan in the biggest fight of the year so far, to claim the WBA strap, he will have to employ his renowned boxing brain but make redundant his hands-down style.

Paul is a quality boxer he’s very evasive and has a good boxing brain. He reads the game well and throws shots from all angles. He’s always nice relaxed and never gets too excited. However I dont think it would be too wise to use his usual laid back hands down approach against Khan. He has to be wary of his speed, but I am sure Paul has a game plan and he is in with a chance.

The former stand out footballer is looking to kick start phase two of his career since coming out of retirement earlier this year. Fagan, who has shared the squared circle with the likes of Julio Chavez Junior and Paul Spadafora, now wants one more fight in Ireland and one more Stateside bout before he re-hangs up the gloves. The former light welterweight Irish champion wants Irish title fight with Kevin OHara and a shot at former world champion Paulie Malignaggi.

I am looking for one fight in Ireland and one in the US. The fight I’m trying to track down in the US right now is against former world champ Paulie Maglinaggi. In Ireland, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I am hoping to go out with an Irish title shot against Kevin O’Hara, before the summer. There are still a few things to be worked out. I was hoping to get a fight with Pajo Hyland, but when they finally accepted the fight, they wanted to take it at a much lower weight than I could possibly make at this stage of my career.

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