Breen plots Khan downfall

8 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

John Breen believes he can outfox the greatest trainer in the world to help Paul McCloskey buckle the WBA light-welterweight tile around his waist. The 2009 Irish trainer of the Year pits his boxing wits against the four-time World trainer of the Year, Freddie Roach, as his charge trades leather with Amir Khan in the MEN Area next Saturday.

Breen believes that if the Derry stylist sticks to the game plan devised, he can emerge victorious from the biggest fight in the world so far this year. The Belfast-based trainer, who was in Oisin Fagans corner when he fought the reigning champ, believes he has seen chinks in King Khans amour and has instructed the unbeaten European champion on how to exploit them.

Breen predicts Khan will come out all guns blazing in a bid to blow Dudey away early doors. The experienced trainer, who also looks after undefeated pros Jamie Conlan and Andrew Murray, also holds the belief the Bolton native has made the massive mistake of underestimating the Irish southpaw.

This is Pauls biggest fight by far, but it also a big challenge for me. I am in the opposite corner to Freddie Roach, the best trainer in the world and one of the best ever. I am looking forward to pitting my wits against him and I am confident Paul can beat Amir Khan. I have been saying that for years and this is a fight we wanted for years, Breen told Mirror Sport.

Khan is going to try and jump McCloskey. He is going to come out and try and stop him within two, but if Paul does what he is told that wont happen and if he sticks to the game plan he will win. Khan comes in and throws ten punches and moves, but if Paul McCloskey doesnt want to get hit no one can land a glove on him. What will Khan do when he starts to miss? Pauls only problem is he sometimes gets drawn into a fight. He isnt a bad fighter but he is a much better boxer. I have told him to just keep boxing in this fight, make Khan miss and get him frustrated. He said it himself if he sticks to the game plan, 10 Amir Khans wont beat me.

The mega bout has generated more talk than any other fight Breen or McCloskey have been involved in, but its what is not being said during training camp that has the Belfast boxing brain most content. Silence is golden in Breens Gym at present, as the coach revealed the fact he isnt shouting at McCloskey as much as usual during sparring is proof the Dungiven man is ready.

McCloskeys trainer stressed his charge is confident as always but has the added advantage of being in the best shape of his life: We finish hard training today (Friday) and Paul is in the best shape of his career. He was always fit, but where he looked a bit meaty before, he is ripped now. Terry Keys has got him in shape and Khan will get a fright when he sees him at the weigh-in. Paul has always been a confident lad. It is confidence not arrogance and its the same this time. He told me last week I am fit and strong and Khan has no chance. I believe that too. I am not shouting at Paul in sparring at the moment he is ready.

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