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‘First of Many’ Awards for ‘Complete Package’ Callum Walsh

Tom Loeffler assures Callum Walsh will keep up the NABF ‘Newcomer of the Year’ tradition by going on to win a world title.

The experienced fighter maker notes the NABF’s history of recognizing talent early and assures they got it right when presenting this years award to the LA Cork prospect.

The ‘Fastest Rising Star in Boxing’ received the award as reward for a brilliant start to pro-life, a start that has seen the 22-year-old become a regular UFC Fight Pass bill topper and WBC silver International champion in less than nine fights. His promoter says there is a lot more to come claiming Walsh has everything it takes to make it to the very top.

“I really think this is going to be the first of many awards that Callum wins,” Loeffler.

“He’s really excited at all the opportunities coming up for him. He’s young, brash, confident and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top of the Sport of Boxing.

“My understanding is that the majority of the recipients of this award have gone on to win world titles, so we are so excited about this and it’s one more step towards his future stardom,” he adds before pointing out the qualities that make the Dana White fancied light middleweight standout.

“First and foremost, Callum has the drive and ambition to be the best. He sacrifices a lot and he’s training very hard. He didn’t start from ground zero, as he already has the amateur experience. As a pro he’s on a very accelerated pace. Also, a very key component of that, is being trained by Freddie Roach. Callum hit the ground running at the Wild Card Gym. He’s had world class sparring on a daily basis, and there’s a great chemistry with Freddie. That’s why the type of success that Callum’s achieving is happening.

“Callum has all of the intangibles. Not just the boxing, but the charisma, the character, the confidence and having the large Irish fanbase behind him. He’s on the way to achieving some truly great success.”

The respected promoter also said it’s essential Walsh to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

“I’ve seen so many athletes that realize the mistakes they made when they were young and wish when they were older…in their thirties, they can go back and correct those mistakes.”

“Freddie Roach has had forty two world champions. We would love Callum to be the forty third. He’s around very experienced and wise people who try to give him some guidance to stay grounded.

“Callum’s already achieved a lot, but there’s so much more, so he needs to stay focused for a short period of his life and then all the doors will be open for him in the Sport of Boxing.

“Callum listens when we give him advice, he has a high ring IQ, coupled with the punching power that he exudes. He gets the leverage out of a tall frame as a super welterweight and he has to make sure he also takes care of his business outside of the ring. Definitely, on the promotional side, he’s got that down as well.”


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