Fanfare – Sean McComb praises ‘unreal’ support after Ulster Hall win

Sean McComb [13(5)-1(1)] heralded his support after they helped him get his boxing fix on Friday night.

McComb put further distance between himself and his defeat to Gavin Gwynne earlier this year by beating ‘tough bastard’ Ronnie Clarke at the Ulster Hall.

‘The Public Nuisane’s’ win played out in front sizable support and was greeted with some serious noise in possibly Irish boxing’s most atmospheric venue.

It was a reception and atmosphere McComb, whose love for the sport was seriously tested this time last year, was very grateful for and a buzz he was delighted to tap back into.

“That’s some buzz. I love it again! That’s what keeps us boxing. All the training, 8-10 weeks dieting, being away from family, being away from home, this is why we do. It’s the buzz it’s like a drug,” he told after the win.

“The support I get is unreal. From everyone, my dad, my mam doesn’t come she’s at home biting her fingernails she won’t watch. But everyone else comes out and supports me, everyone is super proud of me. I’ve done them proud over the years no matter what happens in my career they’ll always be proud of me,” he continues.

“It’s great to have that support and do something I love doing – they support me through everything. As nerve-racking as it is for them, they enjoy it too.”

The win over the ever game Scot should see the Belfast light-welterweight return to some form of title action in the Spring of next year, unless something comes up pre-Christmas.

The most important thing for McComb is to make sure he enjoys this holiday season.

“I’ll take a break now. I don’t think there’s much more left in terms of shows going on in Belfast or anywhere else for that matter now. I’ll take a break unless they wanna get me out for December for a title.

“I want to take Christmas off- it’s my child’s first Christmas so I wanna spend time with my family. Last Christmas was f*cking miserable. It was just a miserable time in my life, Derv was heavily pregnant, I was training all over Christmas – the [Gywnne] fight was put off again and again and I was in Dubai, then I was home and I then was in Pakistan. The camp was just a disaster it’s a stage in my life I don’t want to go back to.”

Reflecting on the fight itself, McComb said: “He was exactly what I knew he was. He was a tough bastard. I knew he was coming to win and have a go. He’s a hard head. I hit him with some serious shots, head and body and he just walked through them.

“It was important for me to stay fully focused. I didn’t waste any punches and I didn’t get carried away. I got stuck into the fight, I stuck to the basics and it paid off.”