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22 March 2011 – Press Release

Following the recent announcement that Willie Limond is to headline his upcoming Fists of Fury event, at Kings Hall in Belfast on Saturday 2nd April 2011, former WBU Lightweight World Champion, turned promoter, Graham Earl today took the time to give a rundown on the fighters and fights that will be showcased at his Irish debut event.

Ive got Mark Morris, hes a lightweight thatll be making his debut. Big things planned for him. You can see hes a bit of a heavy hitter and Im sure hell make the change from the amateurs to the pros easily. Hes already shown progress already, Im happy with what Ive seen and look forward to an explosive fight, maybe an early night.

Next up weve got Mark Ginley, again a Lightweight making his debut on April 2nd. He and Mark Morris both trained together as amateurs at the same club. Mark Ginleys a nice little mover, nice little boxer, again a good talent, all these guys have a lot of talent. Me going over there and making it happen for them is good for them.

Usually the talent over there will just be left and then they go in to work, drinking I suppose, and this way they can showcase their talent and especially on the big scene. You know Kings Hall is like our York Hall here, so theyll get to fight in front of a big crowd there. Itll be good to see young Mark get his first win in the paid ranks.

Were bringing Terry Holmes with us, as people see at York Hall in January Terrys explosive, hes exciting. Everyone gets their moneys worth watching Terry box. Were working on him to improve him as a fighter. Hopefully on April 2nd well see an improvement. Me and Terry work closely together and Ive seen some changes and Im expecting some different things from Terry on the night. Hell be an even more explosive fighter.

Weve got our Middleweight Joe Hillerby. Joes had two fights over here already, two wins. Last time was against Ryan Clark. Everyone knows who Ryan Clark is, hes a dangerous opponent. For Joe to beat him on only his second fight says a lot. He did a very good job with him and I was very pleased with it so Im putting Joe on this one and start building him for the future. Each fight he has we see an improvement and its just a matter of time before well have him fighting for titles.

Next weve got Padraig McCrory, Padraig is making his debut, hes a Light Middle. Hes a hard worker, he trains hard, he listens, takes on board well and all these lads train together, bar Joe, so all these lads are in the same gym together and theres a good buzz and they bring each other on. Im looking forward to seeing Padraig make a good transition to the paid ranks, get a good win and improve fight by fight. Ive seen him sparring and what Ive seen in sparring I think hes a classy kid so really looking forward to his first fight.

Weve got Ian Boyd, hes from the same gym as Joe, Ian Boyd last time out, he come over here to fight. He actually lost it, I actually feel he nicked it but he needed some work so hes been working on that and you can see the improvement. Im looking forward to him getting back out and turning things around and getting his first win. Itll be good to see Ian Boyd turn it round, I think hes got a good future.

Next weve got Sean Montgomery, hes going to be doing Light Welterweight. Again when I first saw Sean I felt he was quite limited, past him a few tips and next time I went back and see him he must have taken onboard and I see a big improvement. Hes now a good attacking fighter, constant pressure. again a good work horse so Im really looking forward to seeing him go out there showcasing his skills and building for the future.

Also on the bill is Tommy Tolan against Phil Townley. These two are local lads, I wouldnt say so much as local rivalry but a fights been building between them two for quite a while, so its going to be an explosive fight. Theyre both pushing their tickets and both need support as I think they are out there to prove themselves and show the people whos the best fighter at that weight division locally. Itll be a cracking fight and Im really looking forward to that one.

Next weve got Michael McLaughlin, he had his first pro fight against a Bulgarian and it ended up a draw. But as we know when you get fighters from abroad quite often theyve had a lot of experience. I think Michael did very well to get a draw that night, he may have possibly got a win. Im looking forward to watching Michael as hes improved a lot and will be going all out for his first win for sure.

Damian Taggert will be against Paddy McGarrity, another local lad, again this fight this fight has been building for a bit and is looking to be an explosive fight and Im really looking forward to that. For the final weve got Willie Limond, Im not sure who hell be fighting just yet. Having Willie topping the bill in Belfast is something else. Wilie can top the bill anywhere, hes got great support. Hes a good technical fighter. Hes coming of a loss to Eric Morales. They were fighting at seven and half thousand feet so I think he had that against him. Up until then he was doing really well. He must have been doing good as hes back in Mexico sparring Morales for two weeks.

Im really looking forward to Willie being on the show. Its going to be an entertaining night and everyones going to get value for their money.

Tickets for the Graham Earl Promoted FISTS OF FURY event at the Nugent Hall, Kings Hall, Belfast on Saturday 2nd April 2011 are now on sale and priced 35 (Unreserved), 40 (Outer Ringside) or 50 (Ringside).

For tickets book on-line at www.tkoboxoffice.com or contact local fighters. For further information call TKO Box Office on 07960 850645.

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