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Letterkenny title fight could be made if McLaughlin doesn’t bottle it says Hutch

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His name has appeared under the ‘ladies man’ section in our extremely popular ‘Low Blows’ series, but it seems John Hutchinson also has a host of men chasing him too.

The Donegal fighter recently told Irish-Boxing.com of his desire to challenge for the Irish light middleweight title and it seems that the MGM-promoted fighter is in 154 pound domestic pole position.

A number of Irish fighters seemed to have taken umbrage and have expressed an interest in challenging the ‘Buncrana Banger’ for the strap, despite the fact it still sits around the waist of Pauly Upton.

Old rival Gerard Healy promised a blood bath with the Inishowen man, while Terry Maughan believes it would be third time lucky if he were to get another title tilt.

Former training partner and fellow Donegal man Micheal McLaughlin Owen also got in on the verbal Hutch-bashing and ‘Hutchy’ wasn’t pleased with what he read.

“The man is saying he’d show me what he’d do to me in a boxing ring?” said an incredulous Hutchinson who contacted Irish-Boxing.com to hit back.

“Seriously I trained so many times with the man and when I went to spar him in Boston there was always something up. He always had an excuse to get out of sparring.”

“He’d do nothing to me and deep down he knows all too well I’d take him apart. I am better at all levels: boxing, strength, and fitness,” Hutchinson continued .

It is believed that Terry Maughan and Hutchinson, who lost out to Peter McDonagh in a previous tilt for a now much-coveted title, have a December Irish title fight in Birmingham lined up.

However, if Hutchinson emerges victorious, he has two obvious defences available to him. He and Belfast’s Gerard Healy have history, while Hutchinson himself suggests a clash with McLaughlin would be massive either side of the Atlantic.

“That would be a fight for Letterkenny, a place that has been screaming out for a show. Either way it’s a local derby, Buncrana v Carndonagh, the history between those areas goes back a long way.”

“We both have a big following wherever the fight takes place. It could be sorted out this year or for early next if he doesn’t chicken out.”

“He  picks and starts fights and then makes excuses about weights.” 


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