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‘Disrespectful’ – Wearing of International vests banned from National competition

The IABA have banned the wearing of International vests in domestic competitions.

The rule will come into effect for the upcoming National Cadet Championships, which will be contested at the National Stadium this weekend.

Anyone found not to be complying with the law will not be allowed enter the ring and will hand their opponent a walkover.

In a statement, the IABA revealed their has been ‘widespread criticism’ of wearing international vests at the domestic level and said it was seen as both an intimidation tactic and an attempt to sway judges.

Indeed, the IABA went as far as to label the practice ‘highly disrespectful’.

The statement reads as follows:

“The growing practice of boxers wearing International vests during domestic championships has been the subject of widespread criticism. It is viewed as an attempt to intimidate opponents and to influence judges. Apart from the fact that the practice is contrary to the rule passed unanimously at the National convention it is also highly disrespectful.

“For the upcoming Cadet Championships no boxer wearing an International vest will be allowed to enter the ring. Boxers may either wear their club colours or plain red or blue vests.

Any boxer arriving at ringside wearing an International vest will be immediately asked to change and ,for the avoidance of doubt, turning an International vest ‘ inside out’ will not be permitted.

We would ask clubs to please be compliant with regard to this rule and not to create a situation where officials are obliged to concede a walkover to the opponent of an uncooperative boxer.”


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