Darragh Foley explains hilarious lottery ticket stunt and promises Minto birthday bashings

Darragh Foley [24(9)-4-1] says he is going to give Blake Minto [14(3)-3(1)-2] birthday bashings on Saturday night.

The Australian-based Dubliner takes on the local fighter in one of the 20 fights that will take place at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on Saturday.

As ever, the Blanch native went the extra mile to make sure his fight is one people will look out for on the stacked No Limit bill, stealing the show at the final press conference.

‘Super’ presented his rival with a lottery ticket at the top table, much to the delight and amusement of all in attendance.

Explaining why he did so, he revealed it was partly to do with the fact Minto turns 30 this weekend, and also because he wanted to let the Aussie know that he had as much chance of delivering on his knockout promise as he has of winning the lottery.

In the build up to the fight Minto said he is confident of securing the $10,000 KO of the Night bonus and promised to give the money to charity.

“I watched a video and he’s saying if he knocks me out, he’s going to be very nice and going half of it to give it to mental health,” Foley told Foxsports.

“Something that’s never, ever going to f***ing happen. So I wanted to put it into comparison by buying him a lotto ticket.

“Plus it’s his birthday as well. It’s not every day you’re 30 years old. I wanted to give him an early birthday present.

“I’m going to give him his birthday bashings on Saturday, you can be sure of that. But I wanted to give him an early birthday present. That’s how it came about. He has as much chance as winning the lottery.”

Foley, who celebrated his 34th birthday recently, always brings entertainment both in and out of the ring. It can be confused for cocky and aarogant but he claims he ‘is just having fun’.

“I’m just being me,” he continued.

“I don’t keep a score of stunts pulled. I’m no stuntman, I just like having a bit of fun up there.

“There’s too many people up there that are afraid of the sound of their own voice and that’s not me.

“I have conviction in everything I say and do. If I say I’m going hunting that knockout bonus, I’m not going to go up there and say I’m not. I do what I say and I say what I do.”


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