Crazy? I’d be crazy not to take the Buckley fight- McDonald tells critics

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Those who have questioned the sanity of those who have agreed to allow fledgling fight duo Carl McDonald and Regan Buckley to trade leather so early in their careers are the ones that need their heads checked claims one half of the all-Ireland clash.

Tallaght native McDonald has agreed to meet Buckley over six rounds on the Celtic Clash 3-: Building Champions card in the National Stadium on September 9th.

It’s a fight that has raised anticipation levels as well as eyebrows with some excited by two relatively new pro fighters taking a risk early doors and others questioning the logic behind pairing a pair who have just three pro fights between them.

With so many new pros this is the kind of fight that could become more common place, something Stephen Sharpe of Boxing Ireland Promotions argues.

“In a division where there is very little domestic competition and a scarcity of opponents across Europe at that weight, both lads have taken the brave decision of facing each other at this time in their careers.”
“This is a win win for both lads who regardless of the result can increase their profile while progressing to contend for domestic title in the near future.”

McDonald certainly agrees, suggesting he doesn’t want wait for meaningful fights to come around.

“They [Team Buckley] asked me to fight and I didn’t have to think twice about it,” the Eddie Hyland trained bantamweight told  “It’s a no brainier,” he added before questioning those who may question the fight.

“I say they are the ones that are mad. I’m not getting any younger and at least I will be in a fight this time. I know I can’t just turn up and win. I’ll have to work for the win and when I will it will feel all the better as a result.”

“I’ve noticed a lot of people are interested in this fight and I’m glad because these are the fights we need to be taking to be putting bums on seats.”

The 28 year old well-supported Dubliner claims he knows nothing of his young opponent, but is confident of victory and is hopeful it will move him toward a domestic title fight.

He had agreed to fight Tyrone McCullagh previously, but the fight didn’t materialize and some form of Celtic title fight the Derry man might be a possibility.

“I know nothing about Regan to be honest, but I’m 110% confident I can win this fight and win it well and when I win I hope it sets me up for a domestic title at the very least.”

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