Coyne fancies Tims title tilt

30 March 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

The Irish Outlaw Ryan Coyne is gunning for Ian Tims and wants to hijack the cruiserweight title from the newly crowned champions waist. Coyne has built a respectable 16-0 record fighting stateside and claims it would be a massive honour to challenge for the Irish strap.

The Don King-promoted former Contender contestant, who has Irish heritage in Mayo and, said Tims, turned down the chance to face him last year, is delighted to hear the Dubliner is now actively seeking a title bout with the undefeated prospect.

Coyne, who sparred Cuban Mike Perez during a five week visit to Ireland in 2010, has yet to see the reigning champ in action but believes Tims -who is in demand, with Michael Sweeney calling him out- is not his league.

The Irish-American, who wants to add the Irish strap to his WBC US belt, points to his WBA and WBC top ten rankings as proof that Irish Outlaw would easily out gun The Tank. Coyne pointed out that he didnt earn his ranking by beating Lollipops and is confident of licking Tims.

I want to offer my congratulations to Ian Tims on winning the Irish Title. There was a chance for me and Ian Tims to fight previously, but at that time Tims’ people wanted no part of the fight. It looks like a very intriguing match now. I never back down from a challenge, and especially not one of this magnitude, Coyne told

As I said, my hat’s off to Tims for capturing the title, and if the path can be lit for me to fight for this title I am more than willing to meet the challenge.

I would love to fight for the Irish title! I would consider it an honour, second only to becoming world champion, to fight for the Irish title. My ancestors hail from County Cork and Mayo, and becoming an Irish champion would truly be a dream come true, Coyne added before intimating he would beat the reigning champ.

I am somewhat familiar with Ian Tims. I have never seen him fight. He has a nice record, but his record wouldn’t indicate he packs a punch, and his resume leaves a little bit to be desired.

I am always confident of victory when I prepare for a fight. A fight with Tims would be no different. Tims is a good fighter, but he is not on my level. I have defeated many good fighters, whereas with the exception of Sweeney, Tims has not faced the calibre of competition I have. I am rated #7 by the WBA and #14 by the WBC and hold the WBC’s U.S. National title. These accolades did not come from fighting lollipops. I would be happy to add Tims’ title to my collection and give him his first loss.

Tims might view a fight with Coyne as a chance to take a first step into the American market, but the WBC US National title holder would love to win the Irish title on Irish soil.

I would actually prefer to have the fight in Eire. I spent five weeks in Ireland last year training with the Cubans Luis Garcia and Mike Perez, and I absolutely loved my time on the emerald isle. I didn’t want to leave! I would love to return for a big fight as such. Of course, the politics of boxing often dictate things, so if it were to happen in America that would also be ok, Coyne said before outlaying his long term goals.

I am in this game for one reason and one reason only – to become a world champion. I have lofty goals, and I am well on my way to accomplishing them. Like most Irish fighters, I have achieved success not from exceptional physical gifts, but through endless hard work and incredible self drive to become the best. I will make it there and beyond in the same manor that I toppled everyone who has stood in my path thus far.

2011 is going to be a big year, and if the Irish Title is in the cards on my trek to a world title that would be fantastic! I have the best fans both in America and Ireland, and I plan on putting on some great performances for them this year. Check out my website for the up to the minute happenings.

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