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Connacht contingent claim silver at European Schoolboys

After a rocky start, Ireland came away from the semi finals of the European Schoolboys Championships in Romania with three guaranteed silver medals while seven others were forced to settle for bronze.

It was the three Connacht fighters who had their hands raised in Valcea.

The early part of the day did not go well, with five losses, some of which were extremely close. Indeed Brooklyn Saunders, Cain Lewis, Jake Charles, and John Ward could have gotten the decision on another day, Saunders especially, while Cahir Gormley seemed to be stopped prematurely

Olympic BC duo Patrick Donovan and Patrick Sweeney then secured two silvers in ten minutes to get Ireland going.

Both Galway fighters took on Bulgarian opposition and, like on Saturday when they defeated Ukrainian opposition, both came away with wins.

Sweeney, up first, forced Danil Kirilov into a standing count in the second round en-route to a comprehensive points win.

In tomorrow’s 46kg final he will face Russian Sergey Koldenkov

Donovan was in a closer fight, but also prevailed, taking a 4-1 split against Anton Kirilov. He will now also face a Russian tomorrow, taking on Evgeny Zhorov in the 50kg decider.

From five losses in a row to three wins on the spin, Eoghan Lavin soon grabbed another silver defeating Tukr Gelik Bukcan in the 59kg semis – a defeat which left his opponent furious. The Ballyhaunis boxer will now fight for gold against Russia’s Sergei Egorov.

There was no luck however for Sean Walsh. The Trojan fighter put in a Trojan effort against England’s Kyle Parr, however a second round points deduction left him up against it and he fell to a 3-0 majority decision.

Dubliner Jordan Ward was then harshly adjudged to have been beaten by Croat Andrija Badza, a decision which enraged the Irish corner. and leaving the boys in green with three in tomorrow’s finals
European Schoolboys Championships 2017, Valcea, Romania July 17th/26th
July 18th (Last 16)
65kg Aaron McElligott (Ireland) beat Samuel Florin-Cimpoesu (Romania) 5-0

July 19th (Last 16)
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) beat Einoras Sinkevicus (Lithuania) TKO2
48kg Shamie McDonagh (Ireland) beat Beka Tserediani (Georgia) 5-0
56kg James Whelan (Ireland) beat Barga Entika (Hungary) 5-0
62kg Danny McHugh (Ireland) lost to Marcus Ellis (England) 2-3

July 20th (Last 16)
38.5kg: Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Jack Dryden (England) 4-1
41.5kg Jake Charles (Ireland) beat Vadim Ystonov (Moldova) TKO3
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) beat Pavle Bozovic (Montenegro) 5-0
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) beat Jure Bratovich (Croatia) TKO1

July 21st (Last 16)
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) beat Gabriel Paynarov (Bulgaria) 5-0
54kg Sean Roche (Ireland) lost to Ersun Goktur (Turkey) 1-4
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Kamil Urbaniak (Poland) 5-0

July 22nd (Q/Finals)
38.5kg: Michael Donoghue (Ireland) lost to Radoslav Rosenov (Bulgaria) 0-5
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ireland) beat Yaslin Farell (Germany) 5-0
41.5kg Jake Charles (Ireland) beat Jure Zgajner (Slovenia) TKO2
43kg Cory Byrne-Dunbar (Ireland) lost to Abdullah Karpuz (Turkey) 2-3
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) beat Ibrahim Otcu (Turkey) 5-0
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) beat Vladyslv Vaskovskyi (Ukraine) 5-0
48kg Shamie McDonagh (Ireland) lost to Aleksandr Zyrianov (Russia) 0-5
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) beat Yunis Guliiev (Ukraine) 4-1
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) beat Lukasz Perkowski (Poland) 5-0
56kg James Whelan (Ireland) lost to Kosta Simeonov (Bulgaria) 2-3
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Daniil Tsitsko (Belarus) 5-0
65kg Aaron McElligott (Ireland) lost to Yahor Simakou (Belarus) 0-5
68kg John Ward (Ireland) beat Szyman Szyma (Poland) 5-0
72kg Sean Walsh (Ireland) beat Alam Kudic (Croatia) TKO1
76kg Darragh Farrell (Ireland) beat Borna Loncaric (Croatia) 0-5
80kg Jordan Ward (Ireland) beat Arten Buiru (Ukraine) 3-2
90kg Thomas McDonnell (Ireland) lost to Hovhan Papazyan (Armenia) 0-5

July 24th (S/Finals)
41.5kg Jake Charles (Ireland) lost to Krasmir Dzhurav (Bulgaria) 0-5
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ballybough) lost to Tommy Cole (England) 2-3
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) lost to Ivan Kobzev (Russia) TKO2
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) beat Danil Kirilov (Bulgaria) 5-0
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) beat Anton Kirilov (Bulgaria) 4-1
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Gelik Burkcan (Turkey) 5-0
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) lost to Gor Mkhitaryan (Georgia) 0-5
68kg John Ward (Ireland) lost to Antionio Grabic (Croatia) 1-4
72kg Sean Walsh (Ireland) lost to Parr Kyle (England) 0-3
80kg Jordan Ward (Ireland) lost to Andrija Badza (Croatia) split

Irish squad
38.5kg Michael Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ballybough) (Bronze)
41.5kg Jake Charles (Mullingar Elite) (Bronze)
43kg Cory Byrne-Dunbar (St Aidans)
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Maydown Olympic) (Bronze)
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Olympic) (Silver, at least)
48kg Shamie McDonagh (St Pauls Wat)
50kg Patrick Donovan (Olympic) (Silver, at least)
52kg Cain Lewis (Ballymun) (Bronze)
54kg Sean Roche (Donore)
56kg James Whelan (Dublin Docklands)
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhaunis) (Silver, at least)
62kg Danny McHugh (Two Castles)
65kg Aaron McElligott (Cashen Vale)
68kg John Ward (Brosna) (Bronze)
72kg Sean Walsh (Trojan) (Bronze)
76kg Darragh Farrell (St Josephs Edenderry)
80kg Jordan Ward (Bay City) (Bronze)
90kg Thomas McDonnell (Crumlin)

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