Ireland score another away win versus England

The Irish Youth and Junior team recorded an impressive 6:5 away win over England in Warrington last night

Caitlin Fryers, Orinta Ringyte, Mary Geragthy, Marguerita Nevin, Daina Moorhouse and Mary Kate Nevin had their hands raised in victory in the 11-bout international.

Shannon Reilly, Nicole Clyde, Leah Richardson, Aoibhe Clarke and Katelyn Phelan (younger sister of current pro Allan) also gave fine accounts of themselves, according to Irish team manager Bernie Harold who hailed the performances of the entire eleven-girl Irish squad.

Team Ireland will wind up their training camp with the host nation today

Jimmy Payne and Gerard McDaid are working Ireland’s corner in England.

Sadie Duffy is the R&J with the squad and John McKay referee.

The win comes less than two months after an Irish Senior selection defeated an English Southern selection 6-4 in Woking.

England v Ireland Warrington

April 18th
48kg: Elizabeth Bools (England) lost to Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) 0-5
51kg: Shauna Leigh-Taylor (England) lost to Orinta Ringyte (Ireland) 0-5
54kg: Courtney McCarthy (England) lost to Mary Geraghty (Ireland) 0-5
60kg: Harli Whitwell (England) lost to Marguerita Nevin (Ireland) 0-5
69kg: Olivia Hussey (England) beat Shannon Reilly (Ireland) 5-0

48kg: Simran Khan (England) lost to Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) 0-5
50kg: Courtney Scott (England) beat Nicole Clyde (Ireland) 5-0
52kg: Jessica William (England) lost to Mary Kate Nevin (Ireland) 0-5
54kg: Elise Glynn (England) beat Leah Richardson (Ireland) 5-0
60kg: Jessica Zelanzko (England) beat Aoibhe Clarke (Ireland) 5-0
63kg: Gemma Richardson (England) beat Katelyn Phelan (Ireland) 5-0

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