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Comparing first Frampton Warrington head to head to first Frampton Quigg head to head

‘No tongues’ smiled Frank Warren as Carl Frampton and world champion Josh Warrington went head to head in London today.

The quip was most likely the veteran promoter highlighting the respect between the pair and certainly how well mannered both fighters have been toward each other since their December 22 world title fight was confirmed.

There is certainly a different feel to the last time Frampton took off on a three city press tour to promote a fight.

In November of 2015 Scott Quigg and ‘The Jackal’ had to endure each others company at three different press conferences in three different cities as they promoted their Sky Sports PPV clash.

It’s a case of different network- Frampton Warrington will play out on BT Sports- and different atmosphere this time around. There was genuine bad blood between Frampton and Quigg and indeed their wider camps and it manifested throughout the press tour- eventually boiling over somewhat at day three’s head to head, something no one expects ahead to happen in Belfast this Thursday.

Without a crowd baying for blood Frampton and Quigg’s first press conference wasn’t as volatile, but the body language of the pair come head to head time and some short verbals added to a bad blood narrative the fight was sold on.

Admittedly the protracted build up added to pre fight excitement and the dislike was genuine, but the fight didn’t live up to expectations.

This time around we might not get to indulge in some brilliant verbal sparring and hand bags come face off time, but it seems Frank Warren thinks this fight sells itself.

There is genuine belief this bout could catch fire and be a real Christmas cracker and as a result no Halloween fireworks need to be lit during the press tour.

Check out both head to heads below:


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