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Collins: Keeler won’t go MIA because I am missing from his corner

THE absence of Pascal Collins from his corner won’t leave Luke Keeler brokenhearted on Valentines night.

‘Cool Hand’ will contest the Blackpool hosted Prizefighter middleweight tournament without his trainer, as Collins will be manning the corner of Stephen Ormond as he fights in a World title eliminator in Wolverhampton.

Collins, however, is adamant his absence won’t affect his charge-indeed he tipped him to smash his way to victory- stressing the hard work and study have already been done over fight week.

Not to mention in Irish boxing legend Steve Collins, Keeler has legendary stock in his corner.

Speaking to Irish-boxing.com Pascal Collins said:

“The hard and important work is all done. He will have Spike in his corner and of course my brother Steve. Steve knew he was going to be working with Luke on the night so he came over more regular to the gym just to get more of a feel as to how Luke was doing.

“I have studied the fighters and laid out a plan for each one. I would prefer to be there, but we couldn’t help having fights in different places on the same night. Luke is prepared and he knows what he has to do and I have very faith he will do it.”

Collins will try and be two places at once to some degree and will watch as much as the Prizefighter as he prepares Ormond for his World title eliminator.

“I will watch what I can on a tablet in Wolverhampton and ring between fights too, but the hard work is done already. If you haven’t your tactics right by this stage you would be fighting a losing battle.”


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