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Cheeky Callum Walsh answers call outs

Callum Walsh [5(4)-0] has answered one call out and cheekily put another on hold.

Walsh fights for the first time in 2023 when he headlines a UFC Fight Card in Boston on March 16.

The LA based Cork fighter takes on Leonardo di Stefano Ruiz[11(10)-1(1)], the first person to call him out, as he makes another step up the ladder.

The fight was confirmed in dramatic fashion at a recent 360 Promotions show with the pair going head-to-head in the ring.

“I told the UFC I was going to be the man to change boxing. I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime,” a buoyed-up Walsh told the crowd.

“He’s been the first person to call me out online. So I’m a man of my word. I’m gonna live up to that. He wants to be the man to beat Callum Walsh. He wants to be the man to end all this. But he’s not gonna be and we’ll see all that March 16th.”

The news caught the attention of another fighter the UFC’s go-to boxer has been linked with, Jamie Strickland [10(8)-0]. The undefeated American says he wants to fight the Freddie Roach trained rebel county man – and Walsh told him his time will come.

Indeed, the 21-year-old revealed the pair were meant to fight in January and claims when 360 Promotions looked to move the fight to a later date and onto a bigger show, Strickland opted out.

Walsh also accused the Houston based fighter of running and said he could be next if he wanted it.

The fact both Di Stefano Ruiz and Strickland both have more knockouts than Walsh has had fights shows the former underage amateur’s desire to level up and the fact they are fights his team have either made or looked to make shows the degree of faith they have in him.


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