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Check out our ring walk suggestions for Irish boxing stars

Ultimately it’s about what you do in the ring that counts for pugilists the world over.

However, building a profile in the fight game can prove nigh on as important as building a tower of green W’s on boxrec.

Outside of impressing in the squared circle a good Twitter game can increase fan awareness, trash talking and bold statements can help secure big fights and a good ring walk tune can play its part.

Fight fans love a signature ring walk, something they can look forward too pre fight and something they can rejoice in on fight night.

It’s all part of the show. Think Ricky Hatton, Bernard Dunne and even four weight Irish Champ Jim Rock- the Pink Panter came into this classic.

This year we pushed for Sean’Big Sexy to adopt Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m Too Sexy’ classic, but he trumped us and elected to come into the following:

It proved a success and it’s a massive shame it didn’t get a Boxnation airing as it would have raised the heavyweight prospect’s profile no end.

After the Turner success and considering it’s a little slower than average week here at Irish-boxing.com we have decided to suggest more ring walk themes for Irish fighters.

Stephen Ormond- The Rock’s entrance.

Stephen Ormond fans know he is a lightweight not into the limelight. He is probably the epitome of an ‘I do my talking in the ring’ puncher.

The Dubliner isn’t into bold statements, bad mouthing, bright lights and indeed big ring walks. So it might seem ironic that we are pushing for the World title hopeful to use the ring walk of ‘most electrifying man in sports entertainment’ The Rock, but it fits.

Just imagine Irish fighting’s ‘Rock’ coming out to this:

Carl Frampton- Sweet Caroline

Carl Frampton’s ring walks are something special and a key part of ‘The Jackal’ experience.Indeed, you get the feeling the IBF super bantamweight champion revels in his trek from dressing room to fight zone and uses it as a key part of his pre fight motivation.

The atmosphere come ring walk time for Irish boxing’s leading light is nothing short of sensational. The hairs on the back of your neck don’t just stand up they do a little dance to whatever tune Team Frampton have picked to accompany their man into the ring.

However, it’s about 15 minutes before fight time where the crowd are probably at their best. Niel Diamond’s Sweet Caroline sends the ‘The Jackal Army’ into full voice. There is just something special about 9000 Odyssey regulars Ā belting out the old wedding DJ classic out of tune but in unison.

The champion, himself admits he doesn’t get a feel for that atmosphere in the dressing room and watches clips back on Youtube post fight. It might not ‘The Jackal’s’ style, but if he came into the tune in Manchester we believe it will go down as one of the most memorable ring walks a venue that played host to Ricky Hatton fight nights has ever seen.

We know the song is Ciaran McVarnock’s pre fight choice, but we are sure he wouldn’t mind Frampton borrowing it for a night or two.

James ‘The Future’ Fryers- Back To The Future Theme Song

Lightweight James Fryers has more been given than adopted ‘The Future’ ring moniker.

However, so impressive has the Belfast man been that he could soon become know as ‘The Present’ and not ‘The Future’ anymore.

While he remains in the realm of the eventual we think the Back To The Future theme song would be apt for now.

Not your typical ring walk music, but that is somewhat the point. Also there is a certain dramatic appeal to the movie classic.

Lynn Harvey- Hear Me RoarĀ 

We only have one ring entrance to go off but judging by Lynn Harvey’s first career stroll to the squared circle the Celtic Warrior Gym pro might not need our help.

Their was a red carpet feel to her Red Cow ring walk, as her strong following lapped praise and support on the Kilbarrack native.

However, considering Harvey has elected to go with the ‘Lioness’ ring moniker with thing ‘Hear me Roar is apt.

It is a song that will also lend itself to her keen to party fan base!

Phillip Sutcliffe Jr- Good Night Sweet Heart It’s Time To Go

Imagine your in the ring ready to face noted knock out puncher Phillip Sutcliffe Jr. The lights go out and then you hear this:

Don’t tell us you wouldn’t be nervous! Ok it’s meant to be a love song, but put in the ‘Succo’ context its a call to war. There is an eerie ‘I am coming to knock you out’ feel to it. Such is the former Senior Champions approach that ring walk music is never on his agenda come fight time but we will be slipping the DJ a tenner to play this before his TV debut in the National Stadium on February 6.


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