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Celtic Warrior Buglioni rips Chudinov again over suspicious broken nose

After a long two month wait, Frank Buglioni will finally get his dream title shot this month, when he takes on the undefeated Fedor Chudinov on September 26. The fight which had originally been scheduled for July 24, had to be postponed after Fedor sustained a broken nose during a sparring session… just days out from the fight.

After hearing the news, Frank questioned how such an injury was possible in a professional environment.

“I would question, though, how Chudinov broke his nose if he was wearing the correct head protection with bars to protect his nose?” he told the Daily Mail.

Well two months on, he remains extremely sceptical of the injuries.

“It is very rare to suffer a broken nose in sparring when you are preparing for such an important fight. Most high level fighters wear head guards with built in nose protectors which also stop majority of cuts bruises etc which can hamper your training.” he told Craziest Sports Fights.

When asked whether he thought the postponement was a ploy to further his preparations for the fight, Buglioni refused to rule it out.
“We didn’t see any evidence of the broken nose, it’s not hard to take a photo and post to social media? For whatever reason him and his team needed to postpone the fight…” he said.
Despite all this, Buglioni believes the delay has only enhanced his chances.

“It has only allowed me more time to prepare and worked in my favour.”
Frank enters this fight as a relatively big underdog, currently paying as much as 10/3 for the win, versus 2/9 for the undefeated Russian champion. Having been use to the “underdog” status for most of his amateur career, he believes all the pressure is on Chudinov.

“I was the underdog in a number of my amateur fights and always performed under those circumstances, all the pressure is on Chudinov.”
Frank is not only on a mission to secure a world title, but he wants to destroy his opponent. With 13 KO’s from 19 fights to his name, he has the skills to finish this fight off quickly, but will be just as happy to drag the fight out and bury his opponent.

“I’ll be looking to go out and beat him in every aspect, I will out box him and out fight him. If I catch him with a good shot and see vulnerability then of course I will go in for the kill, but I won’t be in any rush to end the contest early. The longer he stays in there the more he’ll get hurt.”

Even with an 8″ reach and a good track record, Buglioni will have his work cut out for him against the undefeated “Machine”.


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