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Can Never Happen Again – Emmet Brennan Calls for Action After Detrimental Show Cancellations

If pro boxing is to survive and thrive outside of Belfast in Ireland the events of recent weeks can NEVER happen again says Emmet Brennan.

The Olympian got exposed to just how cruel professional boxing can be, when his second pro fight fell through along with the entire Conlan Boxing and McEleney Promotions fight card, set for the RDS and September 16.

The cancelation of his Dublin debut, which came a week after a September 23 National Stadium card was postponed, was massively frustrating for the super middleweight prospect.

Speaking online, he revealed the extremely late cancelation hit him and his supporters, particularly those who were travelling from abroad, in the pocket.

The Dublin Docklands graduate was personally down up to eight thousand euros and had people coming from as far afield as Sweden to see him fight.

The lack of a fight also slows his career progression somewhat and he surmises it may affect ticket sales in the future.

However, while he addressed some personal costs to an unfortunate event all too common in Irish boxing, he points out the damage done to the sport as a whole is bigger.

Speaking sensibly and in a straightforward manner the Darren Barker managed 168lbs pro pointed out just how detrimental two Dublin fight night cancelations are for boxing.

Brennan asks why television and corporate sponsorship – the two things needed to rescue an aligning Dublin scene – would get involved when boxing can’t be trusted to deliver on its promises.

Like the majority of the fighters on the bill, the 32-year-old admits he hasn’t been given a clear reason for the cancellation and has called for promoters and the Boxing Union of Ireland to work together to ensure it never happens again.

Speaking online he said: “I personally still haven’t been given the exact reason why the show has been cancelled and who is at fault or how supporters can get there ticket money back.

“In order for this sport to grow there needs to be some sort of meeting between everyone involved in professional boxing on this island to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

“Boxers taking the brunt of it, boxers losing out on money and the sport worsening it’s already damaged reputation is unacceptable and stopping this sport from growing on the island.

“It would be impossible for corporate sponsors and TV to invest and help the sport grow at this moment.

“On top of this supporters losing out on flight and hotel costs is unacceptable and could further damage future ticket sales.

“Lastly, although I’m down a lot of money, time and effort it doesn’t affect me to much as I’ve had a great camp and I’m starting to sharpen up again. This isn’t a personal attack at anyone but it needs to be sorted and never happen again.”


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