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Booth: Lee v Saunders will modern day Hagler- Hearns

WILL and not skill will be the defining factor when Andy Lee and Billy Joe Saunders go to battle at the home of Munster Rugby on September 19 say the World champions coach Adam Booth.

Booth, who also looks after Belfast prospect Ryan Burnett, believes that the former Olympian are similar when it comes to guile levels and as a result guts and desire will be key when it comes who leaves the Thomond Park ring with the WBO middleweight title around his waist.

Basically Booth believes at some stage Lee will have to ‘Stand Up and Fight’ in Thomond Park in the Autumn.

“I genuinely think this is one of those fights that will come down to will and desire,” he told Sky Sports.

“There’s all the elements of boxing – skill, balance, co-ordination, bravery, defence – all of the things that you throw into the pot, along with courage, strength and will and desire.

“I think in this fight this is going to get brought into play because their boxing skills are throughout the fight, nullifying each other, and it’s going to end up as one of those that become a bit of a fight.

“A bit like a Hagler-Hearns, where they had all the grades but that night it just became a punch-up!”


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