Big Sexy – “Hopefully this is going to be my last fight before a title”

Sean Turner [9(6)-0] enters into his fight this weekend in Belfast with the belief that it will be his last tough learning assignment before he jumps into title fights.

The Dublin heavyweight boxes Kamil Sokolowski [2(0)-9(2)-2] over eight rounds at the Devenish Complex on the inaugural Ginley Promotions bill, and he is hoping for a tough test that will leave him in good stead ahead of a jump in level.

The ambitious big man wants to leave the prospect stage of his career, and a nice and competitive fight against his game Polish foe will grant him title eligibility.

‘Big Sexy’ spoke to and outlined that “hopefully this is going to be my last fight before a title, you could call it an eliminator for the Irish title. I’m pushing for a title after this, whether it’s the Irish or whatever else. There’s English lads there that I have my eye on.”

“This year I want a title, I just want a professional title, no matter what it was, it would be like a world title. I’ve won amateur belts, but just to have a professional belt, it could be a fecking WBF belt, and I’d be the happiest man in the world. I’m ready for anybody, you know me, I’ll fight anybody, but it’s down to the management, they know best.”

“Me and Con Sheehan would be great, but if we went to say 18-0 and fought for a bigger title for more money it might make more sense? But I’d love to get the Irish belt A.S.A.P,” he mused.

His Plymouth-based opponent may not have an attractive record, but he has proved in recent fights with Con Sheehan and Gary Cornish that he is no mug. This fact pleases Turner and he is almost willing his muscle-bound opponent to bring his best.

“I really hope he can bring me the eight rounds,” said Turner. “I really want it to go the eight rounds because I’ve put the effort in in training to do eight rounds.”

“If he’s there to be taken out, I’ll take him out, but it might take me a couple of rounds to wear him out. I’d love to have the eight rounds under my belt just to know that, when I’m going for a ten rounder that I have eight already so it’s only adding two on.”

While he’s still a far way off cruiserweight, ‘Big Sexy’ is definitely downsizing, and the 25 year old is looking and feeling fitter than ever before. The Stephen Kavanagh-trained puncher described how “I’m a different fighter now, I’m a professional. I’m an eight round fighter now, I’m doing ten rounds on the pads. I’m training four days a week strength and conditioning, three days on the pads, two days sparring, I’m training harder now than I’ve trained ever in my life.”

“I think now, the lads are getting bigger, wider, heavier, and harder to push back. When I was 130kg in the National Stadium [as an amateur] I never took a step back, I was like a bull, I just kept going forward. Now I’ve lost a bit of power – well, not power, physical strength, but my boxing has come on. And it’s a different ball game, it’s not about pushing them around for the first three rounds, you push them around in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh when they get tired.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

Also featuring on the first Ginley Promotions card are Tyrone McCullagh, Alfredo Meli, Ciaran McVarnock, Stephen Ormond, Ian Tims, and Anto Upton.

Tickets for Dust Up at The Devenish cost £35 (unreserved) and £65 (ringside) and are available from the boxers on the bill or promoter Mark Ginley.

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