Big Punching Inter-County Footballer turns pro

Forget the vest James Freeman has ditched the Inter-county jersey to turn pro. 

Freeman represented his native Armagh across the age groups in GAA – including at Minor and Senior level – and is now ready to switch codes. 

The all-round sports star has dipped his toe into boxing waters already, accepting an offer to fight on the semi-pro scene in 2019. Four fights and four knockouts later he is ready to see what the pro circuit has to offer. 

The Irish Drago, who won his first semi pro bout within 19 seconds and instantly became obsessed with becoming a pro, has no amateur background whatsoever.

However, he has been training full-time alongside the likes of Dominic Donegan under the watchful eye of Daniel Anderson – and is said to pro ready.

There will be an element of learning on the job but his team believes he can develop into an entertaining domestic pro of note, and speak highly of his work ethic and his power.

Freeman has also proven a ticket seller on the semi-pro circuit, something which should afford him the space to develop. It’s also a factor that will help ensure he debuts on a ‘huge bill’ very soon.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years