Big fights and big knockouts are coming promises ‘Big Bang’

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Rising Dub prospect Pierce O’Leary (4(1)-0) claims the knockouts and titles will come in time.

The popular teen continued his journey in the pro ranks with a win over veteran Liam Richards (12(1)-63(1) in the Ulster Hall February 1st and as expected was taken the distance by one of the games survival specialists.

Not that ‘Big Bang’ minded, in fact the ’rounds’ advocate was happy to have been brought to the final bell.

Patience is a virtue the Docklands graduate, who debuted as recent as xx, has in abundance. He see’s 2020 as a year in which he can learn his trade and see’s banking rounds as the best form of education.

“I have the power sure whenever I hit my opponents with a jab even they back off,” he told after the MTKFightNight win.

” Anytime I explode I’m not hitting them 100 percent, they are just blocking up and taking them on the shoulders, so it’s more just getting the rounds in now and getting the experience. Then as the competition goes up that’s when you will see more knockouts and what not.”

The Dublin banger certainly has his eye on the big fights, but holds the same patient attitude toward securing them as he does knockouts.

“I would like them big fights shortly, this year is all about learning again because I started late in 2019 so 2020 is a learning year and then 2021 is were I pick up the titles. Then if the BUI comes across then will aim for that.”

The Dublin born fighter carries big support with him to his fights and big support was out again for his latest outing, speaking on how good it is to have that support Pierce said: “That is half the battle for most professionals in the UK and what-not so it is tremendous and unbelievable. From the area I’m from I have 100 percent backing  so it is nice. It’s good to know you have the crowd with you every time so I’m excited to get the big fights in 2021 and see where we go,” he added before reflecting on his latest win.

‘‘I feel great actually, four months as a pro so I’ve been out every month so looking forward to a nice break now, I had a little break over Christmas but training camp when really well and I’m excited, I’m buzzing.

O’Leary has been spoken about favourably since turning over and their is genuine excitement with regard to where he can go.

Reflecting on that he adds: “It shows my hard work is paying off and I’m just striving to get better and better, so I’m excited as I said and I’m looking forward to being back out again.”


Josh Reid McCabe

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