Betting on the Next Champ: How to Find Success in the World of Amateur Boxing 

Boxing is a very intense, but yet highly entertaining sport to watch, as it can often provide some unexpected performances. Just one punch is enough to turn the match around. Because of these unpredictable characteristics, boxing matches are also quite popular among bettors.

Many of them tend to look for an underrated boxer that can bring them a fortune. To do that, bettors often shift focus to amateur boxing to locate a decent boxer. In this article, we will reveal how you can find success in the world of amateur boxing.

How to Bet on Amateur Boxing?

Betting on amateur boxing is basically the same as betting on regular boxing events. If you haven’t done that in the past, then we’ve got you covered.

The major fights in the world of boxing are the most popular to bet on, as they are followed by millions of spectators. However, that doesn’t mean amateur boxing events aren’t attracting many bettors.

You should know that amateur boxing matches are fought over the distance of 3-minute rounds, just like in professional boxing.

While betting on amateur boxers you can locate a potential new champion that you can back with bets throughout their career. Every fighter starts from the bottom, which is why it is very plausible to find one.

In order to bet on amateur boxing, you must first find a decent online sportsbook that features this kind of competition in its sports section. Also, make sure that the sports betting site is licensed and utilizes the latest security technology, so you don’t end up at a scam site.

We recommend you check whether the sportsbook features a welcome offer that you can use to bet on amateur boxing events. If you are interested in such bonuses, check them out here.

You can use the bonus funds from the welcome offer to get familiar with this new form of betting. After that, you should access the sports section is look for the amateur boxing events under the boxing category.

Choose a boxing match and a betting option that you like and confirm your bet. Then all that is left is waiting for the amateur boxing match to begin.

How to Find a Decent Amateur Boxer to Bet On?

Amateur boxers appear all the time in this sport, so it can be tricky to find a decent one if you don’t know what to look for. First of all, make sure to follow big tournaments, such as National Championships, as there is where the best amateur boxers make their appearances.

The best UK amateur boxers are competing in the championships that are annually held by the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA). In the US, amateur boxers compete in city, state, and national Golden Gloves competitions.

Over the past years, the most successful amateur boxers appeared in competitions such as the European Championships, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Pan-American Games, and the Olympics.

Examining some of these boxing competitions is a must-do step, as there you will certainly find several good boxers that can potentially become future champions. Some of the best professional boxers in history such as Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Anthony Joshua, and Wladimir Klitschko have all competed in these boxing events.

It is crucial not to place sports bets without thoroughly analyzing the boxers. Put your focus on the ones that have fought before and check their match stats and videos of the fights.

Avoid those amateur boxers who haven’t competed in the past as it is very hard to bet on such boxers and win. You cannot analyze them as there is no data on their performances and you wouldn’t be able to find any video footage of them fighting.

It is also important to find information about their health and form before placing a bet as that can be a decisive factor. You should also be aware of the fact that the amateur boxing championships usually take place in course of one or few weeks.

This means that the boxers will have to fight multiple times in a short period of time, which is a very hard thing to do. Just as a comparison, professional boxers have between one and three fights per year.


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