Betting on Boxing

Betting is one of the most interesting and most gratifying activities in the world if you are used to winning. It requires a skill set and talent and not just sheer luck. Many people bet on sports like cricket, football, basketball, horse races but one of the best sports to bet on is boxing. Before 1970, people used to bet more on boxing than NFL but as usual, controversial allegations of fixing matches marred the sport and many people decided to stay away from boxing. 

But recently, boxing has gained a lot of momentum and has got back its charm when it comes to betting. Also, betting on boxing does not have a particular season where it becomes important, it can be done all year around and mostly fights take place on the weekends.

In boxing, you get the choice of betting on different weight classes and organisations in the sport, but  also boxing generally sees at least one major title fight every month of the year which brings a lot of activity in betting.

To those who love watching boxing matches, betting on boxing is a double bonanza; you can enjoy the sport for love and also get the thrill of betting and winning great amounts of money.

Betting on boxing usually used money line which is pretty simple and clear.  The odds can be seen next to each boxer’s name and you can choose who to bet on. 

Kevin Pete -200

Ryan Smith +150

Draw +2000

If you wager on Pete, you will have to risk $200 to win $100, but if you bet on Smith then it means that you are being asked to risk $100 to win $150. But If you think that the current fight will have no winner and will end in a draw, then you will have to risk $100 to win $2,000.

Also, you should know that you don’t need to bet $100 to win $150, you are allowed to risk  $20 to win $30, but money line odds are given in terms of $100 bets.

Remember, while you’re betting on boxing, the fighter you bet on must win the current fight. A draw in the match means that none of the boxers won and both are the losers. But if you had bet on a draw then you will be the lucky one and will gain a couple of dollars and the excitement of winning a bet. You can also visit as they do a great job explaining many of the tricks if the trade, when it comes to sports betting and choosing the right online casino.

There also comes a time when the fight you bet on does not allow betting on draw matches. If this is the case and then the fight actually ends in a draw, all your money will be refunded because there are no winners in the match, just like a tie bet in sports.

There are many websites nowadays which let you place bets online. Also, some of them provide predictions, tips, odds etc. before a major fight and that can help you a lot to figure out who to bet on. 


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