Assassin Boxing – Rise Again – LIVE UPDATES are in the building.

Tonight pro boxing returns to Dublin with the inaugural Assassin Boxing Ireland show – ‘Rise Again’ – which plays out at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght.

11 fights in all are set to take place tonight and Irish boxing will be providing live updates below from ringside.

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10:47pm – And he does! 40-37 to Reardon who moves to 3-0 and that is us for the night! Thanks for following 

Round 4 – Tighter final round but Reardon has shown good grit to go with his classy stuff earlier and should take this.

Round 3 – Nice variety from the Stillorgan middle – stiff jabs and bodywork. Will be up on the card going into the final round. Ciach hasn’t been able to get near him so far bar a few winged hooks.

Round 2 – Reardon starting to put a bit more meat on his shots, digging to the body well. It’s been good so far from the Leinster Rugby S&C coach who has some of the players here in support.

Round 1 – Composed by ‘Killer’ Cillian to start with, dancing in and out of range of his much bigger opponent. Some nice shots, racking up the points, but this is one which should go the distance.

10:26pm – Sweet Caroline is done and it’s time for the final fight of the night – Cillian Reardon v Michal Ciach. Four rounds at middleweight.

10:23pm – 60-53 points win for Hylo. He’s back!

Round 6 – Martinez is STILL throwing, great workout for Hylo. Fantastic final minute too with the pair winging in huge shots.

Round 5 – The Belfast man is putting in a measured performance here. Still a firefight but there’s a degree of controlled craziness. Fighting at the right moments and getting behind the 1-2 at others.

Round 4 – Some good, old-fashioned Hylo brawling on the ropes, trading with Martinez, good action. Back behind the jab after, doubling and tripling up and leading to a ramrod right before the pair swing for the hills in the closing seconds, both landing big shots.

Round 3 – Hyland lands some lovely right hands in the third round but Martinez is refusing to give up.

Round 2 – Patient, behind the jab from Hylo before the fight explodes into life as they trade hooks and Martinez is floored heavily in the final 30. The Mexican rises unsteadily but manages to hang on and see out the round.

Round 1 – Hyland boxing well in a competitive opening round.

9:55pm – Penultimate fight of the night – the return of Paul Hyland in a lightweight six rounder v Giovanni Martinez of Mexico

9:52pm – Well that was unexpectedly frosty. Nose-to-nose face-off and a shove from McCrory.

9:51pm – And on that note, Stephen McAfee is in the ring now for a face-off with McCrory. Irish title fight November 24th in Dublin is announced.

9:50pm – 59-55 for Feargal McCrory who moves to 9-0 and the Irish title.

Round 6 – Best round of the fight. Mairena lands his fair share of clean shots but the fight is McCrory’s who continues to hit home with the backhand left.

Round 5 – Proper learning fight here for McCrory, shaking off the rust, trying lots of things, some lovely hooks off the ropes in round 5.

Round 4 – McCrory picking his shots well here, landing big shots but not over-committing.

Round 3 – BIG left from McCrory hurts Maidena but the Nicaraguan isn’t going to lie down.

Round 2 – A few straight shots sneak through from Mairena but it’s the right hook of McCrory that’s doing the damage in round two.

Round 1 – McCrory’s southpaw left can’t miss, he has Mairena wobbling a few times in the opener here.

9:19pm – Next up – Feargal McCrory v Bryan Mairena over six rounds at super feather.

9:18pm – Ireland’s youngest pro James Power now in the ring being introduced to the crowd. Great reception.

Round 3 – Luzoho is dominating, jolting Jones’s head back with every shot, the visitor has nothing left, and David Irvine eventually steps in after 2-15 – TKO3 LUZOHO! WHAT A DEBUT! RING INVASION. MAD SCENES.

Round 2 – Luzoho pushing from the off. RIGHT HAND and Jones’s legs look gone but the Englishman survives. Luzoho is landing clean shot after clean shot, can’t miss with the right hand but needs to be wary of punching himself out.

Round 1 – FAST start from Luzoho who stiffens the legs of Jones with a left hook early on. The Dublin-Congolese puncher is targeting the body well but Jones is doing good work in the clinch. BIG straight right hand in closing minute from Luzoho followed by a left and another straight right – and another two clean right hooks. What a start!

9:00pm – Wow. Francy Luzoho, wearing a mask and holding a plastic severed head, is walked to the ring by a rapper. Crowd loved it.

8:59pm – Time for the final debutant of the night – Francy Luzoho – who is in one of the toughest first fights in recent memory. ‘The Butcher Boy’ faces 6-1 Englishman Sam Jones.

8:57pm – As expected, it’s a whitewash, Duffy 40-36 and he moves now to 2-0.

Round 4 – Shercock’s Duffy continues to box well, not over-committing or chasing the stoppage and we go to the card.

Round 3 – Duffy trying to unlock Dicky’s defences with some nice footwork, pirouetting around the visitor who is earning his money tonight.

Round 2 – Duffy is going to the body well. Dicky going nowhere and providing the Irishman with a good workout.

Round 1 – The Cavan puncher makes a fast start, picking his shots well with power in each and every one. Dicky never looking in trouble but offering little back.

8:35pm – Time for another fight. Owen Duffy v Miroslav Dicky. Four rounds at light middleweight.

8:29pm – Keane McMahon’s manager, David Murphy, has just come ringside to tell that they want John Joyce NEXT.

8:27pm – Looks like Phelan-Rogowski WON’T be happening now.

8:25pm – The size difference pretty much stopped the fight being a spectacle and Moran moves on to 6-0. Walked in to ‘Grace’ and ‘Homecoming’, think we saw another Irish boxer do that recently! Huge crowd here for the talented youngster who did what he had to do.

Round 1 – Moran is HUGE compared to Lawniczak and he is not letting him off lightly. The veteran Pole is down four times in the opener and it is waved off. TKO1 Moran.

8:17pm – For now though it’s Fight #6 and the man Phelan was due to face initially – Damian Lawniczak – who vaults up in weight to take on Waterford welter Dylan Moran.

8:15pm – Some news filtering in. There is a chance that Allan Phelan may apparently feature. The Kildare super featherweight was initially believed to be forced off the card due to a lack of complete bloodwork but there is hope that the results of his recently taken tests can be sourced and therefore allow him to fight. If everything works out, Phelan will box Krystzof Rogowski, his last opponent, who was due to face Stephen Webb tonight.

8:13pm – That win sees Joyce improve to 7-0 with four stoppages.

Round 5 – Herak is out on his feet and falls to the canvas, he rises at ‘three’ but Joyce rushes in and finishes the job after 1-35 of the round – TKO5 Joyce!

Round 4 – Herak is in pure survival mode, giving Joyce time to wink at us at ringside here while being clung on to by the visitor. The Lucan welter, having sufficiently destroyed Herak’s midsection, has switched up top and is landing jarring shots with regularity.

Round 3 – Joyce continuing to land heavy shots but he is getting frustrated by Herak’s constant holding and ducking low. The Central European looks ready to go a number of times but he makes it to the bell.

Round 2 – Opening up now, Joyce has Herak badly hurt to the body, ripping shots in. The expressionless Slovak is doing well to survive here. Good Joyce round.

Round 1 – Joyce targeting the body with his potent left hook early on and bringing the right hand upstairs. Herak is crafty though, alternating between smothering Joyce and moving lots and not allowing him to set his feet.

7:50pm – Now it’s time for John Joyce v Henrich Herak. Six rounds at welter.

7:47pm – After all that, McCarthy gets the nod on the scorecard, 38-36.

Round 4 – Contrary to what was advertised previously, it’s a four rounder here and there is BIG drama in the final round. McCarthy is pushing forward, getting more and more aggressive before he walks onto a huge right hand from the crouched Rafalko, bang, crumples to the canvas. The Déise man is up early and seems okay, getting back on the front foot and gets to the final bell after taking a couple of chin checkers from an invigorated Rafalko.

Round 3 – Rafalko, after the umpteenth clinch, is docked a point for holding and he is given a stern warning moments later, in danger of getting turfed out here.

Round 2 – This is a messy fight. The vast majority of work is coming from McCarthy but he does once get caught with a left hook coming in.

Round 1 – Rafalko is awkward, looking to lunge and grab hold. Southpaw McCarthy is feinting and finding a home for single backhand lefts

7:25pm – Nope, change to the running order. Now it’s Craig McCarthy v Poland’s Lucasz Rafalko.

7:15pm – Having a short break here following the early finishes. John Joyce will be up next versus Henrich Herak.

Round 1 – TREACY THROWING HAYMAKERS FROM THE OFF. Caballero is stunned, he’s down, KO! 29 seconds!

6:56pm – Now that is how you make your debut – and we’ve another debutant next, Wicklow middleweight Eddie Treacy up versus Ignassi Caballero.

Round 2 – What a round! Lepsenyi comes flying out and the two trade constantly, both hurt, both swinging, Wall manages to wrestle his way on top, Lepsenyi’s legs are gone, the punches keep coming and David Irvine steps in after 2:12 – TKO WALL!

Round 1 – Straight in, no messing from Martin Wall who tears into Lepsenyi from the opening bell. Endless hooks and uppercuts and he stuns the Hungarian right at the close.

6:48pm – Another pro debut now. Crumlin’s Martin Wall. He’s coming for all the Irish welters and light middles but first Hungarian Zoltan Lepsenyi.

6:44pm – Nevin gets the debut win. 40-36 on the ref’s card.

Round 4 – Strykowski is earning his money here, pushing Nevin back at the start of the fourth and final round. Both throwing and landing plenty, great action as we go to the bell.

Round 3 – After a cagey start to the third, the pair engage at close quarters, with Nevin getting the better and forcing the visitor to momentarily turn his back. Strykowski then tries to lunge in with a wide right hook but is nailed by a straight counter from Nevin who is moving well.

Round 2 – A chopping right momentarily buckles the knees of Strykowski whose output is dropping but he does sneak a right hand of his own to remind Nevin he’s there. The Irish big man responds with a left hook that sends Strykowski reeling back.

Round 1 – Short sharp flurries from Nevin to start. Strykowski stabbing out jabs in response. Nevin stalking and eventually gets the Pole to open up, stunning him in the closing seconds of the round.

6:27pm – We’re off! Pro debut for Dublin heavyweight Paddy Nevin. Says he has the quickest hands of all the Irish big men.

6:09pm – The Running Order for tonight is as follows

1 – Paddy Nevin v Pavel Strykowski
2 – Martin Wall v Zoltan Lepsenyi
3 – Eddie Treacy v Ignass Caballero
4 – John Joyce v Henrich Herak
5 – Craig McCarthy v Lucasz Rafalko
6 – Owen Duffy v Miroslav Dicky
7 – Dylan Moran v Damian Lawniczak
8 – Francy Luzoho v Sam Jones
9 – Feargal McCrory v Bryan Mairena
10 – Paul Hyland v Giovanni Martinez
11 – Cillian Reardon v Michael Ciach

6:05pm – The show must go on is the mantra tonight following a mix-up with connecting flights in Frankfurt and a series of other issues. FOUR fights have been pulled from the bill at late notice – Lynn Harvey, Johnny Corcoran, debutant Stephen Webb, and headliner Allan Phelan – and there have been a couple of opponent changes.

First bell – 6:30pm.


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